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Choosing the Patriarch

Father Asanasius | 2 May 2012
Our church is not based on absolute autocracy. People choose their priests, bishops and the Pope. They have the right to select while the Holy Synod has the right to appoint “Therefore, brethren, seek out from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, whom we may appoint over .. More

A president like a pencil!

Nabil al-Mekaddis | 1 May 2012
Pen in the Arabic literature was likened to the sun, the moon, a sword, a horse, a sea and an honorable man. There is also an idiom says: “the nation that appreciates the pen, is sure to develop then”. I hope we are going to have a president who is like a pen, or rather a pencil. We don’t need a copying pencil president whose job would be writing whatever his party or group tells him what to write. Furthermore, we don’t need a president like a ball-point pen; who is too strict and narrow-minded with many defects and he never accepts change.. More

What to do before selecting…

J.M Fahmy | 30 April 2012
In a few weeks down the line Egyptians will be heading once more to the ballots, they had to Vote on March 2011 for constitutional amendments which come against all odds due the famous Invasion of Boxes…then again after lots of put off and a major stress on MC (Military Council) another election took place to create our National Assembly which proved its failure to represent people or solve their problems. At the time I warned, how can we elect a member of parliament before clearly setting his duties his role and how to account him or fire him from the parliament provided he failed to do what was supposed to do? .. More

Following the herd

Rania Hefny | 27 April 2012
The shepherd was leading his flock to a green pasture using some help of his dog to maintain the herd organized. He was only bothered by one sheep that goes away from the herd. This sheep was rebellious and opposed the shepherd, as he refused the idea that the shepherd is .. More

About selecting the 118th Pope

Sabry Fawzy Gawhara | 26 April 2012
Now, as the official mourning on the departure of Pope Shenouda III is coming to an end, and because we need to maintain the church, especially in the current storming circumstances in Egypt, steps are being taken to select the 118th Pope of Alexandria. Apparently, proposals and suggestions are everywhere making a lot of chaos. It is well known that we, the Egyptians, prove great failure when we attempt to work together in order to achieve an important goals, because each of us believes that God has given him the greatest mind ever that never make mistakes, and that every different opinion is not only bad, but also a stupid and corrupted one full of betrayal and bad intentions. It’s even worse when it’s related to personal disagreements between two intellectuals... More

The difference between excluding Suleiman and Abu Ismail

Dr.Yehya al-Wakil | 25 April 2012
What benefits have we gotten after Omar Suleiman announced his intentions to run for the presidency? First, this revealed the ugly face of the Muslim Brotherhood before the public. Second, this revealed their ambitions in taking complete control of all authorities in Egypt. Third, It also revealed the ugly face of religious extremism and making use of Islam in politics and the tendency to violence in some Salafist groups... More

Religious President is wanted!!

Jack Attalla | 24 April 2012
The funniest thing I heard in two weeks was that Salafis, Muslim Brotherhood and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces are looking for a religious President. As they want to have halal tourism with no alcohols or bikinis. They want to cover the pharaonic statues (Just for a while before they can demolish it completely along with its temples which are full of infidelity according to them!). Maybe they will use the students for this mission after a salafi becomes the Minister of Education. I’m really worried after those people announced they would cover these statues. .. More

Can He Do it Again?

J.M Fahmy | 23 April 2012
Thanks God ...Last week in my thoughts I published a post under the Title WHY I declared why I do not support Omar Suleiman as President cause I see in him the image Of Hosni Mubarak, maybe it was because in a last attempt from Mubarak to contain the 25 January Revolution he appointed him as Vice president which made him more hated by public opinion! I know there were lots of good sides in Omar Suleiman as a public respected figure but for sure not locally acceptable. To me he was a no no just like Military Council-MC- or Muslim Brotherhood-MB- they all were a NO NO!.. More

America is the solution!

Monir Beshai | 20 April 2012
After a long and fierce debate about the eligibility of Sheik Hazem Abu Ismail to run for the presidency, the competent committee decided finally to delete his name from the records of candidates after making sure his mother has gotten the U.S. citizenship. The decision of the Committee is not a subject to appeal and thus “it’s over”... More

Paving the Coptic Way to Jerusalem

Ashraf Ramelah | 19 April 2012
Late last week Egyptian Copts in Cairo booked private airline flights to Jerusalem to celebrate Easter holy week. Soon after, the joy they anticipated turned to anger when they faced rejection by a Coptic priest at the door of Jerusalem’s Saint Helena Chapel on Coptic Palm Sunday. This unlikely denial is understood only by comprehending the unlikelihood of the trip, for it was the first of its kind (a direct flight from Cairo airport to Ben Gurion airport) since the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty of 1979 signed by Sadat. Unfortunately, for Egyptian Copts, the intervention of an edict issued by their Pope Shenouda III in the same year known as, “the law that forbids Copts to travel to Jerusalem,” superseded the peace treaty... More

What if you were Habiba?

Magdi Nabil | 18 April 2012
Habiba is a young Egyptian actress who, like many actresses, was admired by and got married to a rich businessman from Qatar. Few years later, this rich man was killed and she was accused of murdering him. All evidence were against her. So, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and she has already served half of them... More

What the Billion dollars Movies and Violent religion have in common!!

Sherif Mansour | 17 April 2012
You might wonder what would people pay for to watch and why? Actually I could not get a grip on why a movie that does not talk about reality would be making all this money. Here is the list of the movies that made over a billion dollars in revenues worldwide. Rank Title Worldwide gross Year Ref .. More

America, an enemy of the Copts!

Michel Fahmy | 13 April 2012
* Meetings between US leaders (like: Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John McCain, Jimmy Carter, etc) and Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leaders were held. Furthermore, David Pierce, a member of the U.S. Congress, has reassured Israel after a meeting with Khairat al-Shater, the presidential candidate of FJP. Now the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) at the White House, the State Department and the International Monetary Fund are promoting for al-Shater as the next President... More

Pick one: cancer or stroke!

Magdi George | 12 April 2012
Nominating General Omar Suleiman for the presidency had a huge feedback, some people have deprecated and others have welcomed. The Islamic movement rejected it as the nomination of the general will destroy their plans to control Egypt. New parties and movements have agreed with the Islamic movements as they think that if Omar wins, it would be an end for the revolution and a new start for the former regime... More

Is it our right?

Sawsan Ibrahim Abdel Sayed | 11 April 2012
As there are many debates about the struggle over the presidential elections and the formation of the Constitutional committee, I don’t watch a lot of talk shows as they repeat the same talk. I do not know if it was my bad luck that led me to this talk show whose host was talking about Copts visiting Jerusalem to celebrate the Holy week and Easter there... More

Where are we heading... is the revolution of January 25th OVER?

J.M Fahmy | 10 April 2012
Egypt revolution for freedom dignity food and pride is in a every bad corner.. I'll start this article with my status I posted on Facebook recently... "Circus replace dictator of Egypt" After the former dictator fell in Egypt, the situation down there very difficult to understand and get an overview. It looks like a circus with one surprise after another. Who controls the circus and who is behind the scenes is not easy to guess. Islamists, the military, Saudi and the rich Arabs or perhaps America? ...... I ask only .. .. More

A new beginning

Father Asanasius | 9 April 2012
Last Friday of the Great Lent is the last day of the biggest fast in the Coptic Orthodox church. Prayers of this day concentrates on the visit of God for humans in Jesus Christ promising the salvation of mankind; judging the righteous and the evil according to the deeds of every one. .. More

Worse than bin Laden!

Jack Attalla | 6 April 2012
In fewer words: Nominating Khairat al-Shater for the presidency of Egypt is equal or even worse than nominating Al-Zawahiri, criminal of al-Qaeda who is a fugitive in Pakistan. It is also worse than nominating Osama bin Laden to be the king of Saudi Arabia. Only al-Qaeda terrorists and supporters would have accepted it... More

Release of the Spirit

Vivian Fayez | 5 April 2012
HH Pope Shenouda 3rd has not died. He has merely lied down. He has lied down in the hope of the resurrection. He closed his eyes for the last time and his soul took off to heaven on the happiest and most beautiful journey he has ever taken after the many recent journeys for medical treatment and after the patriarchal visits he has made to the diaspora. HH Pope Shenouda 3rd.. More

State of MB General Guide

Magdi George | 4 April 2012
A lot of people use the term “State of MB General Guide” in their writings and conversations, either to make jokes about the religious state that Islamists dream of, or to warn people about that state. Others use this expression to indicate the principle of blind obedience, which every member of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is adhered to... More

The future of the Egyptian Church

Michel Fahmy | 3 April 2012
We, Orthodox Christians and many other denominations, have a strong belief that the church is leaded and sponsored by the Lord himself. As it is the body of Him, and the Patriarch is the head of priesthood service not the head of priesthood. .. More