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Copts and Poliltical Islam

Abu Ismail aims for legal loophole to re-enter race

Others | 13 April 2012
For ecstatic Hazem Salah Abu Ismail supporters outside the State Council yesterday, the Administrative Court’s decision concerning his mother’s nationality is decisive... More

Salafist Front to join Friday's Tahrir protests

Others | 13 April 2012
The Salafist Front has announced plans to participate in mass demonstrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday under the slogan, "the only demand - together against the remnants of the former regime"... More

Shater: Abu Ismail ruling 'a victory for Islamists' credibility'

Others | 13 April 2012
Presidential hopeful Khairat al-Shater described the ruling issued on Wednesday by the Cairo Administrative Court on a challenge to Hazem Salah Abu Ismail's presidential campaign as "a victory for the credibility of Islamists.".. More

Islamic forces vow to stand against Omar Suleiman

Others | 12 April 2012
Islamic movements in Egypt slammed the presidential candidacy of ex-intelligence chief Omar Suleiman and threatened to sue him and organize protests until he is barred from the poll. The Salafi Front called Tuesday for all political parties take to the streets in a mass demonstration against Suleiman and other figures of Hosni Mubarak’s regime... More

Brotherhood says elections commission official is Amr Moussa's relative

Others | 12 April 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party posted on its Facebook page that secretary general of the Presidential Elections Commission Hatem Bagato is a relative of presidential candidate Amr Moussa, which Bagato has confirmed... More

Abu-Ismail, El-Shater supporters stress unity, downplay differences

Others | 12 April 2012
In an effort to downplay any friction between Islamist presidential frontrunners Hazem Abu-Ismail and Khairat El-Shater, supporters of the two men on Wednesday repeated the chant "Hazem and Khairat are one hand" at a rally in front of Egypt's State Council... More

Egypt court adjourns Abu-Ismail ‎case

Others | 11 April 2012
Egypt's State Council has adjourned until Wednesday the case filed by Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail, wherein the presidential hopeful is demanding that the Ministry of Interior turnover official proof that his mother is a dual national... More

Coptic Church criticises make-up of Egypt's constituent assembly

Others | 11 April 2012
Egypt's Coptic Church on Thursday issued a statement criticising the system used to form Egypt's recently-established constituent assembly, tasked with drafting a new national constitution. Half the members of the 100-seat assembly were drawn from Egypt's first post-Mubarak parliament – roughly three quarters of which is controlled by Islamist parties – and half from among non-parliamentarians... More

FJP, Nour Party slam court ruling against Constituent Assembly

Others | 11 April 2012
Members from the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party and the Salafi-oriented Nour Party have slammed a ruling by the State Council's Administrative Court on Tuesday, which reversed an earlier Parliament decision to form the panel tasked with drafting Egypt's new constitution... More

Abu-Ismail: The battle continues

Others | 10 April 2012
A greatly-respected Islamist figure, who is seen by many as a true fearless revolutionary voice and a tremendously knowledgeable yet jovial and modest man, Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail gained in popularity and appeared to stand a strong chance of assuming power in post-Mubarak Egypt... More

Shater's supporters, opponents battle on social media

Others | 10 April 2012
Electronic warfare between Khairat al-Shater's supporters and opponents has escalated on social networking websites since the Brotherhood leader was nominated to run last week. On Facebook, the number of fans of the "I will not elect Khairat al-Shater" page reached 141000, compared to the 90000 fans of Shater's official campaign page... More

More Egyptian Christians defy late pope's Holy Land travel ban

Others | 10 April 2012
Around 100 Coptic Christians flew from Cairo to Tel Aviv Monday in contravention of a ban placed on travel to the Occupied Palestinian Territories by the Church's late patriarch Pope Shenouda III. "I am travelling to witness the divine light of Christ that glows in Jerusalem," one of the pilgrims said... More

Khairat al-Shater says Omar Suleiman presidency bid is an "insult"

Others | 9 April 2012
A bid for power by Hosni Mubarak's former intelligence chief is an insult to Egypt's revolution that, if successful, would trigger a second nationwide revolt, the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate for Egypt's presidency said... More

Will El-Shater nomination split Egypt's Brotherhood?

Others | 9 April 2012
After the ouster of president Hosni Mubarak, Kamal El-Helbawy returned to Egypt after spending 23 years as the Muslim Brotherhood's spokesperson in Europe. The 73-year-old arrived with high expectations but became increasingly critical of the group he had defended for years. He resigned from the group during a live TV broadcast on Saturday after the Brotherhood's Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie announced that the group would nominate his deputy, Khairat El-Shater, for president... More

Christians celebrate Easter in Jerusalem

Others | 9 April 2012
JERUSALEM — Thousands of Christians gathered in Jerusalem for Easter Sunday to commemorate Jesus Christ's resurrection, crowding into one of Christianity's holiest churches, worshipping, singing and praying. Catholics and Protestants took in turns to hold ceremonies within the ancient Church of the Holy Sepulcher, built on the site where many Christians believe Jesus was crucified and buried... More

Pope marks Easter with call for Syria violence end

Others | 9 April 2012
VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI implored the Syrian regime Sunday to heed international demands to end the bloodshed and voiced hope that the joy of Easter would comfort Christians suffering because of their faith... More

Supporters of Salafist presidential candidate threaten to escalate protests

Others | 7 April 2012
After leaving Tahrir Square late on Friday, supporters of presidential hopeful, Hazem Salah Abu-Ismail, threatened to escalate their protests against what they describe as a fraudulent political and media campaign against the Salafist candidate. Their demonstrations already saw some chaos and violence... More

Thousands of supporters show up to cheer El-Shater as he files his candidacy forms

Others | 6 April 2012
Presidential hopeful Khairat El-Shater has filed his recommendation forms at the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC) in order to be placed on Egypt's presidential ballot as the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) candidate... More

Abu Ismail exclusion could bolster Shater, prompt Salafi rage

Others | 6 April 2012
Less than a week ago, thousands of Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismail’s supporters marched to the Presidential Elections Commission to accompany the Salafi presidential hopeful as he filed his nomination papers. The celebratory march followed a blitz of poster campaigning that has made Abu Ismail’s face a ubiquitous sight on the streets of Cairo. The hype around the Salafi’s campaign was making headlines and, suddenly, raising expectations for Abu Ismail’s chances at the polls... More

Shater submits candidacy papers at elections commission

Others | 6 April 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party's presidential hopeful Khairat al-Shater submitted the papers required for his candidacy to the Presidential Elections Commission in Heliopolis on Thursday. Shater headed to the commission headquarters with thousands of supporters from across Egypt... More

Withdrawn Constituent Assembly members reject Katatny deadline

Others | 6 April 2012
Former members of the Constituent Assembly on Thursday declared their refusal of the deadline announced by People’s Assembly Speaker Saad al-Katatny for them to return to the assembly without conditions. Katatny gave the withdrawn members a deadline of one week before the next assembly session... More