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Short But Not Sweet

A Historical verdict

Magdy Malak | 12 April 2012
The verdict of disbanding the constituent committee is a historical resolution which will lead us back to our initial steps again. When we were screaming, pleading, for the MB and other religious groups in the parliament,.. More

Unstable and dirty

Mena Habeeb | 4 April 2012
Politics has been always known for being unstable and dirty, and MB has been always known for its long experience with politics. Now, after MB had promised not to .. More


Magdy Malak | 1 April 2012
After the announcement of the Muslims brotherhood to candidate El-Shater for presidential election, now we can say that they were lying on all Egyptian people, .. More

Funny dictators!

Mena Habeeb | 28 March 2012
For many years, Islamists were not allowed to speak in Egypt, but now they can speak as much as they want. No problem yet. The problem appeared while selecting.. More

The Religious Constitution

Magdy Malak | 26 March 2012
What we have witnessed yesterday was the formation of the constitutional committee that will, by all means, lead us into a religious state. It will also lead us .. More

Salafi, have mercy!

Mena Habeeb | 21 March 2012
After the departure of the Pope Shenouda, many hardline Islamists were thinking of making the Copts feel better, so they tried to issue some funny announcements,.. More


Magdy Malak | 19 March 2012
Pope Shenouda, you will remain always in our hearts, in our minds, and in our souls. What you have left for us was entirely enough to maintain our soul and to save our life. Your books, your sermons, your education, and your humility. Your nation love you and will love you forever. .. More

Sorry, I need to hurry up!

Mena Habeeb | 16 March 2012
Egyptian judiciary attributed for long time of slow judges that used to last for years. Now it looks like the revolution has come to fix that: In few days .. More


Magdy Malak | 14 March 2012
It seems that Egypt has become addicted to the term, "Anonymous." The old regime, before the revolution and after revolution, remained anonymous. Before the revolution, the doer of El-kosh, Kedessen, Omrania, was anonymous... More

scare or amuse the snakes!

Mena Habeeb | 12 March 2012
I have always thought that governors of Egypt love the Chinese idiom that says, “Beat the grass, to scare the snakes”. But upon hearing that the priest of al-Merinab church was sentenced to 6 months for irregularities in.. More

A New Hope?

Magdy Malak | 8 March 2012
After the announcement of Mansour Hassan electing himself in the presidential elections, we can say that there is renewed hope in our midst. Can we assume that a balance between the religious groups in parliament,.. More

The nose of Salafy MP

Mena Habeeb | 6 March 2012
I was happy to hear that an Islamic MP is undergoing a plastic surgery to make his nose more beautiful. I thought this might show that he is open-minded. However, hearing that he lied about it and made out a story .. More


Magdy Malak | 5 March 2012
After the ridiculous way NGO member, left Egypt, we can be sure that the whole world is laughing at us now. While the Prime Minister said we will not kneel, the SCAF has made all Egyptians bend to their power... More

Measuring crimes!

Mena Habeeb | 2 March 2012
Few Months ago, an Egyptian sheikh stressed that a Muslim in Pakistan is dearer to the Egyptian Muslim than any Coptic Egyptian! Today, another famous Egyptian sheikh says that the Egyptian Muslim should belong to Islam more than to Egypt!.. More

Let's Cover your mouth

Magdy Malak | 12 December 2011
It seems that we have to cover our mouth according to the last statements for Salafis to complete the series of covering which include till the moment hands, face, monuments, legs ...... More

This is a smart idea to move out but who left behind

Others | 2 October 2011
Those who are able to move ,they did the right decision . in the same time,those who left behind facing the fanatic ,ecomomic hard ship and uncertain future ,they need help. if they have relative or friend in us ,the relative should not forget them.God defiently will not forget them . the situation in Egypt was reached to seriou turning point. , the economic hardship give the fanatic to control. if election result come in favo of r the fanatic, Egypt will be a case study of genocide.. More

Man kills wife and buries kids alive

Others | 25 September 2011
When u think the world is in so much turmoil so much evil this shows that all power is in his hand thank u lord i know he is real because one day he set my soul on fire in 1970 .who can live under sand unless GOD was there... More

Hope we can live pacefully together!

Others | 4 September 2011
1.i would agree with some of your demands however if you dont get them all doesnt mean we are not equals. 2. for example removing religion from identification?? Wouldnt u wanna be sure of the religion of the person u are marrying also it wouldnt help as if i want to know your religion to discriminate against you your name could be enough would you change that too ?it is not about IDs it is about learning to coexist and love each other ... More

Something else behind this

Others | 7 August 2011
As of the terror attack in Norway, it says that a norwegian man did it. I have a feeling that Radical Islam is behind this, and they are using this man as a tool front of the world... More

Re article 4

Others | 31 July 2011
One of the principles of "Islamic" Shari'a is that women are not equal to men (for example in testimony, some jobs, divorce... to mention but a few". How can you solve this problem with regard to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights? .. More

Discriminated against

Others | 24 July 2011
I can understand that that Copts may have demands like any other group in Egypt. Also, they have the right to demand and demand big. They may get some and they may not get the rest of their demands. This normal and acceptable.Discriminated against.. More