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Egyptian women between discrimination, and persecution of male and community

Safwat yassa Samaan | 8 March 2012
No creature has suffered from discrimination since the beginning like woman, since she was created from the ribs of Adam, according to what’s mentioned in the religious books, and till now, the Egyptian woman is very neglected. Having many children, especially males, is more important than who she is! When she is famous, she is mainly a bitch or a slut. Thus, woman became a symbol for discrimination!.. More

What do Copts of Egypt want, and how to achieve it?

Nabil Abdelmalek | 7 March 2012
Topics like “the future of Egypt as a state” may seem weird to Copts. Many people think that the future of Egypt under the rule of the Islamists is in danger, especially the status of Copts under this political current. However, it seems to me and to others who care for Egypt, that the problem of Egypt is not brand new, and that the rule of the Islamists will not be worse than Mubarak's. The issue is no longer related to persons, but to deep regulations and systems that cannot be changed by changing individuals or .. More

Awa, go out!

Monir Beshai | 6 March 2012
When youth protests started in January 25th, 2011, it was aiming at improving the conditions of the Egyptians with its slogan Bread... Freedom Social Justice Human Dignity. Soon, the protestors discovered that it was impossible to achieve such demands in the presence of the former corrupted regime. So, they demanded the change of the system and the main slogan became "Everyone wants to overthrow the regime. Sit-ins succeeded in overthrowing President Mubarak in February 11th, 2012, passing the authority to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which wasn’t better than its predecessor, and then voices started calling for the Supreme Council to hand the power over. With the slogan, "Down ... Down... Military rule".. More

Copts in the eyes of the Constitution and the President

Naseem Ebaid Awad | 5 March 2012
After the elections of the People's Assembly and Shura Council, come the election of a new president and the selection of the founding committee for the Constitution, then the referendum, followed by accepting the Constitution. Yet, I cant discuss the Constitution in this article: Mainly because its not the choice of us, the weak minority, and whether it has happened intentional by "Elbeshry" and his Committee or stupidly and ignorantly, there is nothing left to do. What we have now is the election of the president and setting the constitution. But before we discuss what Copts are going to do, we should think about all what happened to Copts to set it clear before everyone that these events is planned carefully, especially before electing the president and writing the Constitution. So, What happens to the Copts? .. More

Which kind of future awaits for you Egypt?

Ezzat Boulos | 1 March 2012
Laws of nature and the theories of natural selection are seems to be applied only in the developed part of the world, where it works just smoothly as sea waves. But it is not the case in Arabic and Islamic world, as the rules are different. Slow waves of civilization in Arabic and Islamic countries are opposed by storming ones of retardation which attack the fields of politics and media. It pushes toward retardation that it may take over the progressive thought by dumping it completely in Salafism and blasphemy charges, which impedes true development of thoughts to happen to the community that turns out to be against the idea of national belonging, and thus produces a unilateral fascist ideology. .. More

Good Morning Egypt

J.M Fahmy | 13 December 2011
From Manchester I write my 1st ever post I just wanted to say hi and share a thought all what I will write has no supporting documents but just recollection of real life events and memories and things I learnt at school when I was young. The main line of this subject is the Nikab where it first existed and how it existences become a habit, to understand this we need to roll back not a few years or centuries but just.. More

Mr. Minister of Justice

Hana-Hana | 12 December 2011
Greetings Dear Chancellor: This letter expresses what is deeply inside the hearts of millions of the Egyptians concerning what was done by some of our judges in the Parliament elections. The electoral propaganda according to the law should stop 48 hours before the elections. Truly, this was a wise decision to allow the elections an atmosphere of quietness and peace. The electoral propaganda then will get its aims in the pre-elections period. Thus, each citizen will know for sure the name of the candidate he will vote for. That way the elections will be advanced and fine... More

The invasion of Democracy

Ezzat Boulos | 12 December 2011
A strong national feeling urges me to be there in Egypt during the time of elections because participating while so close allows dimensions to well understand the nature of the experience and the stage in a way that one can never does if just follows it live by TV. Therefore, I left the snow country and came to Egypt living some imaginative ideas that shape elections of post uprising time and also the elections of Engineers Association to which I belong. I thought it will be free and fair elections like these I experienced at the west... More