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Copts and Poliltical Islam

Parliament committee refuses to discuss eviction of Coptic families

Others | 29 February 2012
Parliament's legislative committee on Monday refused during its meeting to discuss a memorandum concerning the relocation of eight Coptic families from Amreya, near Alexandria. Committee members said they cannot discuss a topic handled by another committee, in this case the human rights committee. They said the memo was referred to them by Samy Mahran, Parliament's secretary general, and not Parliament Speaker Saad al-Katatny... More

Christmas shopping: Your guide to Cairo's bazaars

Others | 12 December 2011
As the Christmas holiday approaches, seasonal bazaars are popping up around Cairo. The bazaars present the opportunity to enjoy the spirit of Christmas with your family and friends while browsing the gifts, ornaments and cookies... More

Maikel Nabil retrial postponed for 8th time

Others | 12 December 2011
A military court on Wednesday postponed the re-trial of blogger Maikel Nabil until 14 December. This is the eighth postponement since the retrial began on 1 November. Nabil has been on a hunger strike for 106 days and is surviving on water and milk. He is charged with insulting the military and spreading false information about the armed forces via his blog... More

Walking 39 miles in Jesus shoes

Others | 12 December 2011
CAPERNAUM, Israel — A new trail across northern Israel offers travelers the chance to walk — or trot — through New Testament sites in the footsteps of Jesus. The newly opened Gospel Trail winds for 39 miles(62.7 kilometers), heading south from Nazareth, across gentle green hills, through Jewish and Arab towns and down to Capernaum, the fishing town where Jesus is said to have established his home base. The Tourism Ministry believes the new trail may attract up to 200,000 Christian pilgrims to northern Israel over the coming year... More