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Legal experts say amending, extending emergency law illegal

Others | 13 September 2011
CAIRO: The new amendments to the emergency law announced by the ruling army council are illegal, experts argued Monday. The council said the state of emergency would continue until mid next year. "Legally, an emergency state can only be applied in cases of natural disasters, war and epidemics. An amendment should only be related to these three factors," director of the Arab Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and Legal Profession Nasser Amin said... More

Separating Shoura and PA elections will facilitate voting process, say experts

Others | 13 September 2011
CAIRO: Holding the Shoura Council and People’s Assembly elections separately "makes the voting process less complicated and reduces the number of potential invalid votes," said experts. According to a statement issued by the official Middle East News Agency (MENA) on Monday, the PA elections will be held first followed by the Shoura Council elections under full judicial supervision, in a bid to secure and guarantee a free and fair process... More

Egypt inflation down to 8.5 percent in August

Others | 13 September 2011
CAIRO: Egypt’s overall annual inflation in August reached 8.5 percent, easing from 10.4 percent in July, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics. The figure is at the lowest it has been in months since the popular uprising that ousted former president Hosni Mubarak earlier this year... More

El-Sherif, Sorour deny involvement in 'Camel Battle'

Others | 12 September 2011
CAIRO: CAIRO: Former secretary general of the disbanded National Democratic.. More

Egypt's prisons back to normal

Others | 12 September 2011
CAIRO - Almost nine months after the January 25 revolution started, the conditions in Egyptian prisons were back to normal, according to First Assistant Minister of the Interior Mohamed Naguib. Mansour el-Essawi, Minister of the Interior, ordered to draw up a reconstruction plan to repair what got damaged by militants during and after the revolution. .. More

SCAF's Tantawi fails to attend Mubarak trial; testimony rescheduled

Pope Shenouda III | 12 September 2011
CAIRO: Egypt's military ruler and one-time confidant of Hosni Mubarak failed Sunday to attend a court session in which he was expected to offer highly anticipated testimony about the former president's alleged role in the death of protesters... More

Egypt's security stepped up over Israel embassy

Others | 11 September 2011
CAIRO (Updated) - Egypt said Saturday it would send those who incited or took part in the violence targeting the Israeli Embassy in Cairo to an emergency state security court, pledging to protect all embassies in Egypt, after three people were killed in the overnight clashes outside the Israeli embassy. Information Minister Osama Hassan Heikal stressed that Egypt had passed a 'crucial' day on Friday that made "Egyptians feel worried over some behaviours, which jeaopardise the Egyptian revolution and tarnishes the state's image inside and outside". .. More

Egypt says will apply emergency law

Others | 11 September 2011
CAIRO - Egypt affirmed on Saturday its ‘total commitment’ to protecting all embassies in Egypt, after three people were killed in overnight clashes that followed an attack on the Israeli mission... More

Egypt inflation slows as food costs ease

Others | 11 September 2011
CAIRO - Egypt's inflation rate declined in August as food prices, one of the causes of the unrest that toppled President Hosni Mubarak, rose at a slower pace... More

Military ruler to testify in Mubarak trial

Others | 8 September 2011
CAIRO: The head of Egypt's ruling military council will testify in a closed session next week to a court that is trying ousted President Hosni Mubarak over charges of conspiring to kill protesters, Judge Ahmed Refaat said on Wednesday. Both the defense and prosecution sought the testimony of Field Marshal Mohammed Tantawi, who was Mubarak's defense minister and is now the military ruler... More

Subsidies in Egypt not meeting needs of the poor

Others | 8 September 2011
CAIRO - Shabaan Ahmed who comes from the Delta governorate of Beheira and works for a family in the capital goes every two months to what is known as the district 'supply grocer'. Shabaan does not get subsidised foodstuff, such as rice, sugar and cooking oil, for himself but for his employer's family, who can actually afford to buy these items from the nearest supermarket at the going market prices. .. More

Egypt's stocks dip slightly

Others | 8 September 2011
CAIRO - Egypt's main indexes dipped on Wednesday on local and non-Arabs sell-offs, traders said. Locals and non-Arabs made net sell-offs worth LE15.7 million and LE36.5 million respectively, while Arab investors made net purchases worth LE52.2 million, according to Bourse data. The benchmark index EGX30 slipped 0.02 to 4,727.40 points. The broader indexes EGX70 and EGX100 also fell, dipping 0.51 and 0.45 per cent to 590.40 and 873.22 points respectively... More

Lawyers claim witnesses gave contradictory testimonies at Mubarak trial

Others | 7 September 2011
CAIRO: The testimonies of prosecution witnesses made on Monday during the third trial hearing of ousted President Hosni Mubarak contradicted their previous statements to the prosecution, lawyers said on Tuesday. "Either they were paid or ordered by these officials to change their testimonies," civil rights lawyer volunteering for the prosecution, Samir Helmy, told Daily News Egypt... More

Cabinet discusses disparity in wages

Others | 7 September 2011
CAIRO: Prime Minister Essam Sharaf met with executives and experts to work on resolving the disparity in salaries and incomes in the government. The meeting comes in light of protests staged by workers all over the country against the disparity in salaries, demanding pay raises and more benefits... More

21 Mubarak trial protesters released on LE 200 bail

Others | 7 September 2011
CAIRO: The prosecution released on Tuesday 21 anti-Mubarak protesters arrested after clashes with the police and supporters of the ex-president outside the court where the third trial hearing was held on Monday. They were released on LE 200 bail. The protesters were mainly supporters of the families of martyrs and the injured as well as passersby who were randomly arrested near the Police Academy where the trial is held... More

Key political risks to watch in Egypt

Others | 6 September 2011
CAIRO - Egypt's military, in charge since an 18-day popular revolt ousted President Hosni Mubarak on Feb. 11, says it wants to hand power to civilians as soon as possible and has set a timeline for a parliamentary election to start the process. .. More

Education minister rules out success of teachers strike

Others | 6 September 2011
CAIRO: Minister of Education Ahmed Gamal Al-Din Moussa ruled out the success of a planned strike by teachers on Sept. 17, the first day of the academic year. Teachers are demanding Moussa’s resignation and better pay, while he said he would be happy to be relieved of responsibilities at the ministry... More

Most Islamist groups, parties steering clear of Friday protest

Others | 6 September 2011
CAIRO: Most Islamist groups and parties announced Monday that they will not participate in mass protests scheduled for Friday dubbed “Correcting the Path” in Tahrir Square, to avoid clashes with the armed forces stationed there... More

Egyptian gas to resume to Jordan soon

Others | 5 September 2011
CAIRO – A reliable source in Jordan’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) announced on Sunday that Egyptian will soon resume exporting gas to Jordan, as the two parties have reached an agreement about a revised price, the official Middle East News Agency reports. The source told Jordan newspaper Ad-Dustour on Sunday that the new agreement will be ready this week, allowing Egypt to resume pumping gas to the Hashemite Kingdom... More

Alexandria stationery shops suffer

Others | 5 September 2011
CAIRO – El-Manshiyaa neighbourhood near the main train station in coastal city Alexandria is famous for its shops selling office and school supplies. But this year it’s been feeling the pinch, because of high prices and presence of thugs... More

AL chief may go to Syria this week

Others | 5 September 2011
CAIRO - Arab League chief Nabil Elaraby said on Sunday he could visit Syria this week to voice Arab worries about violence there after Damascus sent troops and tanks to crush street protests against President Bashar al-Assad's rule.. More