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Christians in Egypt: the numbers game

Others | 18 November 2009
CAIRO: In October, the American Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released its comprehensive report, “Mapping the Global Muslim Population.” The ambitious project numbers both the population and .. More

Gasping for fresh air

Others | 17 November 2009
The high rates of air pollution in Egypt are common knowledge. But it is very much distressing to realise that they are the highest worldwide.According to the Economist, Cairo tops the list of the worst 55 .. More

Deadly legacy

Others | 16 November 2009
ONE of the biggest persistent challenges facing Egypt is the water shortage that curbs any development,especially agriculture. Some parts of the Delta have started to suffer a shortage of irrigation .. More

The departure of a great artist

Others | 15 November 2009
About a month ago, one of my friends inquired about the reason for my absence in the funeral procession of celebrated Egyptian artist and art critic Ahmed Fouad Selim. "Selim died two weeks ago," .. More

Problems on hold:For Egypt or some other nation?

Youseef Sidhom | 14 November 2009
The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) issued its fifth report last September, covering the state of rights in Egypt throughout 2008.Two items figured highly on the report and were described as causes .. More

American Muslims and the Question of Loyalty

Others | 14 November 2009
Today is the fifth of November, 2009, and the hot news that is circulating the American and international media comes from Texas. An American officer of Palestinian Islamic heritage opened fire on his American officers’ colleagues in Ft. Hood, killing at least thirteen and injuring thirty while he was crying .. More

When there is a will

Others | 14 November 2009
THE way the UN Development Programme con- vinced Bedouin women of Siwa Oasis in the Egyptian Western Desert to overcome their illit- eracy sets an example as to how certain objectives have to be pursued in non-traditional ways. .. More

Lack of services, excess of pollution

Others | 11 November 2009
THE Central Agency for Auditing,an official agency, has recently shocked the public by issuing a report showing that around 48 per cent of the Egyptian citizens have no access to sewerage services. .. More

Coptic Blogger in Egypt Threatens Hunger Strike

Others | 10 November 2009
ISTANBUL, November 9 (Compass Direct News) – A Coptic Christian blogger in Egypt held in prison for more than a year without charge said today he will go on a hunger strike unless authorities grant his next application for release. .. More

Binding,coherent system

Others | 9 November 2009
Will the anticipated Cabinet reshuffle in Egypt,whether it is on a limited or a large scale,solve the accumulated problems of this country of 80 million?The names of the outgoing ministers or of those taking the oath are not as important as the presence of a well-.. More

How can religion not have played a part?

Others | 8 November 2009
When Marx described religion as the opium of the people, he was expressing a 19th-century view of the effects of Christianity on the working class. Like many secularists, Marx believed that turning to religion for consolation was both an expression of real suffering .. More

Problems on hold:No licence required

Youseef Sidhom | 7 November 2009
Among the worst and most painful of the Coptic grievances are those pertaining to the curtailment of their rights to adequate, legal places of worship. The scarcity of permits to build churches drives .. More

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Others | 7 November 2009
The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It’s a simplistic, often flawed, and yet pervasive ideology. To me, it seems the only logic – if such a word can be used – reasoning behind Morris Sadek’s argument in his latest blogumnist post here on Bikya Masr, where he outlines Jewish-Coptic common roots, and the official position of the National American Coptic Assembly on the Arab-Israeli conflict. It makes for grim reading... More

Egyptian Political System and Copts

Others | 4 November 2009
Egypt has a unique political system and language. The system is made to serve the regime’s purpose inside the country as well as its relationship with the international world. Egypt became a republic after the 1952 coup, as in any republic system the president has to be elected among others who are bidding to lead the country. Citizens vote for the candidate whose promises meet their needs... More

Does Gamal Mubarak live in Egypt?

Others | 3 November 2009
When Mohamed Hassanein Heikal recently announced his suggestions for transferring power away from President Hosni Mubarak, it seemed to send ripples through stagnant waters. .. More

Divergent reactions to NDP congress

Others | 2 November 2009
PRESIDENT Hosni Mubarak 's address at the 6th annual congress of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP)was highlighted in yesterday 's press.However,comments on the congress agenda and key addresses of the party leaders varied widely between semi-official .. More

Jews, Arab Muslims in the same boat

Others | 1 November 2009
Some readers did not accept my argument that Jews, like Arab Muslims, are the victims of racism and xenophobia inherent in the West. I discussed that argument in my comments on the results of the .. More

Does prayer need a licence?

Youseef Sidhom | 31 October 2009
Readers who followed last month’s four editorials on the grievances of the Copts of Maghagha and Adawa in Minya, Upper Egypt, will have found no difficulty in spotting the root of the persecution and .. More

The Revolution and the Muslim Brotherhood (26)

Others | 31 October 2009
The Liberation Rally was initially intended to mobilise popular support for the Revolution regime by co-opting student leaders and workers. Riding the national wave and in order to attract the broadest possible base, it called for the unconditional withdrawal of the British forces from the Suez Canal zone, self-determination for Sudan, the .. More

Why Are Egypt's Liberals Anti-Semitic?

Others | 28 October 2009
Western delegates to the Cairo congress should know about the country's Judeophobia Later this week, Egypt will play host to the 56th Congress of Liberal International, which bills itself as the world federation of liberal and progressive democratic parties. Among the nearly 70 .. More

Can Anyone Stand in the Way of Gamal Mubarak?

Others | 26 October 2009
On Wednesday, state security forces raided the offices of a coalition opposed to President Hosni Mubarak’s son’s bid to take over from his father. The Egyptian Campaign Against Presidential .. More