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Egypt military posts Facebook poll on next leader

Others | 22 June 2011
CAIRO – Egypt's military rulers have posted a Facebook poll to gauge the popularity of nearly 20 presidential hopefuls, an attempt to show their commitment to a democratic transition in the face of rising criticism of their management of the country. The governing council's outreach to the public on the political process was a novelty after three decades of authoritarian rule by President Hosni Mubarak, who is accused of overseeing a corrupt system heavily controlled by his family and cronies... More

Poor First urged as Egypt's motto

Others | 22 June 2011
CAIRO - Some Egyptian intellectuals, activists and an online group have started a drive to rivet the attention of the Government to focus on the poor, stressing that the January 25 revolution cannot be complete unless social justice is achieved. "While the race for the presidency is dominating the scene in Egypt, no real change has taken place expect for the overthrow of [president Hosni] Mubarak... More

Mubarak supporters plan June 24 demo

Others | 22 June 2011
CAIRO: Supporters of ousted president Hosni Mubarak are calling for a June 24 demonstration demanding that his trial be canceled and his legacy honored. Utilizing some of the tactics online activists used to galvanize support for the uprising that ousted Mubarak, his supporters are attracting users through the social networking site, Facebook... More

Egypt's ex-president Mubarak 'has cancer'

Others | 21 June 2011
CAIRO – Egypt's former president Hosni Mubarak, whose trial on charges of ordering the killing of anti-regime protesters is due in August, has stomach cancer, his lawyer Farid al-Dib told AFP on Monday. "He has a stomach cancer and the tumours are growing," the lawyer said... More

Army's poll on presidential hopefuls unacceptable and unethical, says expert

Others | 21 June 2011
CAIRO: Presidential hopeful ex-IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei swept Egypt’s ruling army’s Facebook poll on preferred presidential hopefuls, winning 36 percent of almost 70,000 votes at press time. But not everyone approved the army’s decision to create the poll in the first place... More

Egyptian stocks slip on foreign selling

Others | 21 June 2011
CAIRO - Egyptian indexes were in the red on Monday as foreign investors were driven by profit-taking, traders said. The country's benchmark index EGX 30 slipped by 0.84 per cent to 5,580.96 points. Locals made net purchses worth LE48.9 million ($8.2 million), according to Bourse data. Arab and non-Arab investors made net sell-offs worth LE14.4 million and LE34.5 million respectively. The broader index EGX 70, which measures 70 of the country's mid caps, .. More

Brotherhood sacks member for plans to contest presidency

Others | 20 June 2011
CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group has sacked senior member Abdel-Moniem Aboul-Fotouh for violating.. More

Egypt Mubarak’s trial could be moved

Others | 20 June 2011
CAIRO - The trial of former president Hosni Mubarak, due in August, could be moved from Cairo to the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh for ‘security or health reasons’, the head of the Cairo Appeals Court, el-Sayyed Abdel-Aziz Omar, told a private TV channel... More

Egypt names Al-Orabi as new foreign minister

Others | 20 June 2011
CAIRO: Egypt on Sunday appointed Mohammed Al-Orabi as the new foreign minister to replace Nabil El-Araby who will head the Arab League, the official MENA news agency reported. "Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has tasked Ambassador Mohammed Al-Orabi, the deputy foreign minister for economic affairs, to take up the position of minister of foreign affairs," MENA said... More

Egypt PM hints at election delay

Others | 19 June 2011
CAIRO – Egypt's premier has said that delaying a parliamentary election scheduled for September would give political parties more time to prepare, state media said Sunday, amid fears an early poll would benefit Islamists... More

Spain freezes assets of detained Mubarak associate

Others | 19 June 2011
MADRID: Spain has frozen €33 million ($47 million) in accounts held by a detained Egyptian associate of ousted president Hosni Mubarak and relatives of the detainee, who is also wanted back home, officials said Friday. Bail was set at €27 million... More

Political powers welcome ElBaradei's rights charter, call for debate

Others | 19 June 2011
CAIRO: Political powers welcomed the rights charter introduced by presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei, but expressed some reservations and called for debating the articles before supporting their inclusion in the yet-to-be drafted constitution... More

ElBaradei to appear on state TV after canceled interview

Others | 16 June 2011
CAIRO: Presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei said he will appear on State TV’s Channel.. More

Liberal parties say might enter elections with a unified roster

Others | 16 June 2011
CAIRO: A number of liberal parties said that they are considering forming a coalition and competing in the upcoming legislative elections with a unified roster and will push toward drafting a constitution ahead of the elections... More

Rights group initiative aims to include people in writing the constitution

Others | 16 June 2011
CAIRO: The Hisham Mubarak Law Center launched an initiative titled “Let’s Write Our Constitution” to include the Egyptian people in the process of drafting the constitution. The portrayal of the writing of the constitution as a very complicated matter that can only be done by experts “contradicts the necessity of the people’s approval on the constitution,” according to the statement distributed by the center during a workshop on Monday... More

3 new parties expected in Egypt

Others | 15 June 2011
CAIRO-- Three new political parties on Tuesday approached the Parties' Affairs Committee for an official endorsement after meeting all requirements set by a newly endorsed law, an official close to the judicial committee said... More

Egypt's much-ignored curfew meets an official end

Amir Shehata | 15 June 2011
CAIRO: For many who roam Cairo's famously nocturnal streets, the curfew was always irrelevant. And as of Wednesday it is officially ending, five months after it was imposed by then-president Hosni Mubarak in a vain attempt to stem the protests against his rule... More

Workers take demands against ETUF, anti-protest law to court

Others | 15 June 2011
CAIRO: The Administrative Court began on Tuesday hearing the trials of two lawsuits filed by workers and labor activists, one demanding the disbandment of the official Egyptian Trade Unions Federation (ETUF) and the other cancelling Law 34/2011 criminalizing some protests and strikes... More

Detention of alleged Israeli spy may raise tension, says analyst

Others | 14 June 2011
CAIRO: On Monday, the State Security Prosecution began questioning an Israeli national named Ilan Grapel.. More

Trains in Upper Egypt stop due to crash

Others | 14 June 2011
CAIRO - Railway services on the Upper Egypt line was suspended early in the day as two trains collided with a solid body in Qoussiya and Senobo area, in Assuit Governorate, the official Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported on Monday... More

Brotherhood and Wafd call for unified parties list in PA elections

Others | 14 June 2011
CAIRO: The Muslims Brotherhood (MB) and Al-Wafd Party called on Egypt’s political parties to present a unified list in the upcoming parliamentary elections to create the opportunity for equal representation in parliament... More