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ElBaradei to appear on state TV after canceled interview

Others | 16 June 2011
CAIRO: Presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei said he will appear on State TV’s Channel.. More

Liberal parties say might enter elections with a unified roster

Others | 16 June 2011
CAIRO: A number of liberal parties said that they are considering forming a coalition and competing in the upcoming legislative elections with a unified roster and will push toward drafting a constitution ahead of the elections... More

Rights group initiative aims to include people in writing the constitution

Others | 16 June 2011
CAIRO: The Hisham Mubarak Law Center launched an initiative titled “Let’s Write Our Constitution” to include the Egyptian people in the process of drafting the constitution. The portrayal of the writing of the constitution as a very complicated matter that can only be done by experts “contradicts the necessity of the people’s approval on the constitution,” according to the statement distributed by the center during a workshop on Monday... More

3 new parties expected in Egypt

Others | 15 June 2011
CAIRO-- Three new political parties on Tuesday approached the Parties' Affairs Committee for an official endorsement after meeting all requirements set by a newly endorsed law, an official close to the judicial committee said... More

Egypt's much-ignored curfew meets an official end

Amir Shehata | 15 June 2011
CAIRO: For many who roam Cairo's famously nocturnal streets, the curfew was always irrelevant. And as of Wednesday it is officially ending, five months after it was imposed by then-president Hosni Mubarak in a vain attempt to stem the protests against his rule... More

Workers take demands against ETUF, anti-protest law to court

Others | 15 June 2011
CAIRO: The Administrative Court began on Tuesday hearing the trials of two lawsuits filed by workers and labor activists, one demanding the disbandment of the official Egyptian Trade Unions Federation (ETUF) and the other cancelling Law 34/2011 criminalizing some protests and strikes... More

Detention of alleged Israeli spy may raise tension, says analyst

Others | 14 June 2011
CAIRO: On Monday, the State Security Prosecution began questioning an Israeli national named Ilan Grapel.. More

Trains in Upper Egypt stop due to crash

Others | 14 June 2011
CAIRO - Railway services on the Upper Egypt line was suspended early in the day as two trains collided with a solid body in Qoussiya and Senobo area, in Assuit Governorate, the official Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported on Monday... More

Brotherhood and Wafd call for unified parties list in PA elections

Others | 14 June 2011
CAIRO: The Muslims Brotherhood (MB) and Al-Wafd Party called on Egypt’s political parties to present a unified list in the upcoming parliamentary elections to create the opportunity for equal representation in parliament... More

Egypt questioning suspected Israeli spy

Others | 13 June 2011
CAIRO - Egypt's state security prosecution on Monday began questioning an Israeli man suspected of spying for the Mossad intelligence agency, state TV reported. Ilan Grapel was detained on Sunday from a Cairo hotel and ordered detained for 15 days pending investigation... More

Egypt backs Lagarde for IMF top job

Others | 13 June 2011
CAIRO: Foreign Minister Nabil El-Araby on Sunday announced Egypt's support for French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde's bid to head the International Monetary Fund. "The Egyptian government supports the candidacy of French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde for the post of managing director of the IMF," El-Araby told reporters after talks with Lagarde in Cairo... More

Egypt's market slightly up on local buying

Others | 13 June 2011
CAIRO - Egyptian stocks rose on Sunday on local and non-Arab buying, traders said. Locals and non-Arabs made net purchses worth LE10.2 million ($1.7 million) and LE17.6 million respectively. Arabs made net sell-offs worth LE27.8 million, according to Bourse data. .. More

Egypt's majority for Constitution first

Others | 12 June 2011
CAIRO - Most Egyptians want a new constitution before the parliamentary and presidential elections due later this year, a recent poll by four rights organisations has revealed. A total of 83.6 per cent of those polled said that they want a new constitution drawn up first, while 14.1 per cent rejected the idea. .. More

Political forces voice concerns over Brotherhood party

Others | 12 June 2011
CAIRO: The separation between religion and politics was one of the chief concerns political activists and analysts expressed about the recently accredited Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), which is yet to put together a comprehensible program and set of goals easily accessible to the public and distinguish it from the Muslim Brotherhood group... More

17 of recently buried martyrs were prison inmates, says deputy coroner

Others | 12 June 2011
According to official sources, 23,000 prisoners reportedly escaped from prisons and detention centers countrywide. While 16,000 were either re-arrested or returned voluntarily, some 7,000 are still fugitives. Helal said that autopsies were performed on all of them upon orders from the Prosecutor General to identify how they died, but did not mention the cause of death in each case... More

US military chief reaffirms support for Egypt army, evades question on military trials

Others | 9 June 2011
CAIRO: The US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen held talks with his Egyptian counterpart Tuesday and Wednesday, and reaffirmed his country’s continued support for both the Egyptian Armed Forces and government... More

Egypt denies attack on tourists

Others | 9 June 2011
CAIRO - Egyptian authorities on Wednesday denied reports that thugs had attacked tourists in a luxury resort in Luxor in Upper Egypt. "The fact is that around 20 persons gathered inside a garden of Sheraton Hotel (in Luxor), to a part of which they claimed a right," said an official security source, who spoke on condition of anonymity... More

April 6 activist says beaten by police officer

Others | 9 June 2011
CAIRO: Member of the April 6 Youth Movement Salma Al-Sawy met Prime Minister Essam Sharaf on Wednesday and handed him a complaint against security forces for detaining and beating her, following a protest commemorating the death of Khaled Saeid on Monday evening... More

Local councils 'to be dissolved in 2 weeks'

Others | 8 June 2011
The Government will dissolve local councils within two weeks, Cabinet spokesman Ahmed el-Samman said in remarks that contradict what had been said by minister of local development and the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. .. More

HRW calls on SCAF to end military trials, lift emergency law

Others | 8 June 2011
CAIRO: Human Rights Watch (HRW) called on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to end the military trials of civilians and lift the emergency law to help Egypt’s transition towards democracy, in a statement issued on Tuesday... More

Saudi prince signs new Egypt farm land deal

Others | 8 June 2011
CAIRO: Egypt settled one of a string of disputes over state land sales under deposed president Hosni Mubarak, revising the terms of a farmland deal with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the Egyptian government said on Tuesday... More