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Short But Not Sweet

Let them go

Others | 5 June 2011
I would like to comment on the issue of us Christians putting ourselves and the church in conflict with the Salafis and the Islamists specifically re: Christian women who convert and leave the church. I\'d like to start by saying that we ought to defend and protect our people from the wolves out there, but if a Copt decides to convert, I do believe they do not deserve the protection and our attempts to convince them to stay true to their Coptic faith. If they have betrayed our faith and our history, then we ought to leave them to go and save our blood and that of the church. I can\'t recall the last case of Iman, I think that was her name, where it ended, but this was an example of her converting to avoid marital abuse. In my opinion she does not deserve the protection and support of the church, just let her go, they are losing all the way. I\'m sorry but that is how I feel about it. .. More

Copts end Maspiro protest

Others | 29 May 2011
Until evidence of all AL Speaks at sixes (Nisa Surah Al-Kawthar Al-breeding every idea in the harem, adultery, Do you have the right to tell Ende Messenger of our Lord Bicol in Abasa if H.! And one blind to Atsaadh him away far from you Here's the text of the sura (Abs and assumed that he received the blind and Maederik perhaps reward for Aoivkr Vinfh anniversary either sacked him dost thou and You only reward for and either comes to seeking a fear you are with him distract) to blind the poor it distract means (for getting better him) Where is the mercy and charity Elly commanded us Behm Lord Look Muhammad false prophet facial and break all the commandments of our Lord, who told us they gave charity in secret and thy Father (God) who is in secret shall reward thee openly on the idea before I conclude I love to tell you that we Christians Annanabd one God and Christ is God and God in Christ and Read Qraik carefully and understand McCormack Qrank 1 - as the angels said: O Mary, that God Ibcrk word in its name Christ of Imran 45 * but Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of God and his word he gave to Mary and the spirit by women in 1412 - and peace on the day I was born and the day I die and the day raised alive"(Maryam / 19:32) .. More

There will be a day for the truth

Others | 22 May 2011
When A human being begins to spark accusations right and left without seeing and testing for himself He/ She is just sowing corruption in the earth, and nobody will never see his mistakes but will always point fingers at others blaming them for all the corruption in the world, and if Egypt was All christians and for some reason becomes two or three christian sects and they start fighting one another like what happened in some places , we will see the same people who are trying to gather the cross followers acros the world againt the muslims also doing the same thing against the other sects within christianity... More

Try to have Kind Heart

Others | 15 May 2011
Many Times we hear such kind of fighting between Muslim and Christian in Egypt. I really wonder why these people don't live peacefully together no matter their personal believe. come on to Ethiopia, which has Muslim, Christian,Jewish and other more religions. But they never get fighting each other based on religion. a Religion must not be a criteria to get fight to each other, no matter a religion or believe someone has, they live peacefully and respect each others holiday or religion at a general... More

Be independent

Others | 8 May 2011
America and israel will never friend of muslim and did not , that the brother of egypt has realized. its a good thing. help muslim. France, Britain and italy, what they doing in libeya. who gave the right to kill stay with peoples openion,that will be good ,ok friends... More


Others | 1 May 2011
Oh famous land in Africa your pharonical influence are still influencing thy peoples of Caribbeans and Americas , its given us a new source of search and LIFe , so just maybe respect of all will give more zest oh u living ones . Not alowing religious freedon and governorship is the wrong foot foward so left foot forward to eternal life and it comes back to ret the sun shine oh Ra help us... More

Liberal Democracy

Others | 24 April 2011
Every Egyptian has the right to freedom of expression, opinions and ideas, and I believe that this party will reflect a great deals of Thoughts and Ideas for Egypt to advance and succeed... .. More

The Divel and the Devills

Others | 17 April 2011
The devill persuad Mohames to the the book of all evills (Quraan).Because in this book is nothing but killing all none Mozlems, All Jewish and all Christians and attaking our churches and put it in fire. But we the Christian people are very strong with The Lord is on our side so thst we always win all battels againest evell... More


Others | 10 April 2011
Whether this christian man had an affair with a muslim woman or not, no one has the right to apply Islamic Sharia Law, which is humiliating, oppresive and evil. Only, a Civil Law System is to be used, which exercises justice on all its citizens, regardless of religion, sex type (male or female) or culture, as in the western world. Islamic Sharia Law is un-acceptable by christians and moderate muslims alike. .. More

Secular Freedom

Others | 3 April 2011
EGYPT IS BLEEDING, MY FRIENDS...We are extremely concerned with the high potential of Islamic Sharia Law being enforced in the new governing authority of egypt. All christians & moderate muslims alike will suffer the consequences of their freedoms taken away, if they don't unite and oppose these un-democratic and inhumane policies being promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood. All women must be covered in burqua's or else face public flogging, if anyone steal's then their hand / foot is cut off, if a women commits a adultery she is buried neck high then stoned to death, if a non-muslim man is found guilty of having an affair with a muslim women, then his ear is cut off. Such practices are un-civilised in this 23rd Century. It's time for everyone to oppose Islamic Sharia Law, before it is too late...Egypt must be a Secular Democratic Nation, that respects the equal rights of christians as their muslim counterparts in all parts of life.We continaully Pray for Peace and God's Protection of Egypt and all its Citizens... More

About Mubarak And Obama

Others | 27 March 2011
As of Mubarak, the USA give him Aid in Billions to be spent on Military Arms, and also they gave him aid for Egypt for civil spending, however mubarak took all the civil fundings for himself; In his BELLY. Bottom line took it for himself. As of Obama, his ideaology is same as the Muslim Brotherhood. He is a man who can not be trusted... More

May god be with you all

Others | 20 March 2011
Milad Milad, Very true in what you said. It is so unfortunate that the vast majority of people around the world don\'t know what Coptic -Christians are going through and how they[copts]were treated over the centuries. I always try to give for people to see. Just log on More

Then do something

Others | 13 March 2011
It is really interesting to see how Muslims are demonstrating, but at the same time they are not doing anything from within to denounce terror. Look what is happening for Coptic Christians, Iraqi Christians,.... Even here in US most of their Imams calls for Jihad which easily interpreted as terror when using some of the quranic verses. .. More

Answer to your comments

Others | 6 March 2011
Dear Hany Grace, Besides loosing your time writing inane comments as you did, Please, remember that the USA has given Egypt lots of Aids in the form of food ration, medications long time before you were born... More

They will eat us alive !!

Others | 27 February 2011
Ok , Mubarak is gone. we have military rule and few ministers !! We have no parliment, no President, no constitution !!!! Fanatinc moslims are every where. they are in the military, in the police, in state security, lawyers, doctors. business men and last but not leat they are in the judicial too, where everything from now on will take place, do not misunderstand me, I am happy that Mubarak is gone but if you read my earlier article, we needed his son to come in as he hurt more moslims than christians and as food they fed the moslims some chritians from time to they will eat us alive! She looks likethe french revelotion in the 21 st and we all know what happened............... More

Now what!!

Others | 20 February 2011
God knows that I wanted Mubarak to leave, but not this way !! As much as I admire and congratulate the Egyptian people for their peaceful \" transition\" my concern is this...being a history major, this situation reminds me with the French reveloution of 1798 !! It started due to poverty and lack of freedom, the King was God!!! sounds familiar ? but the french movement was hijacked and it lost it way for a very long time, even it turned on its self and lost the least for a while! for my question nowis.................Now what?.. More

Bitter honey

Others | 13 February 2011
Get up, wash the sand out of your eyes! We are on our way. Our sweet song of freedom is being sung on a flat note. We are tone deaf, as long as it lulls us to sleep we forget about the nightmare.we are a Christian nation. We accept all. They must conform to us, not us to them. Islam is not a peaceful,loving religion. All women must be afraid, All homosexuals should be concerned. Women have NO rights in sharia law. and there are no homosexuals in islam. There certainly is no Christianity. .. More


Others | 6 February 2011
The west policy is the main power pushing all leaders in Africa and middile east to sayvoning their wealth to their bank and when the same people lost power they declear that in media it become well knon practice why they are not declared that wealth while they are in power? so my personal advice to all leaders in africa and middile east is if they are not able to honest when they are in power do your best to invest it in your country which give you a good chance to honest thief ... More

May God Help You!

Others | 3 February 2011
May God be with you Copts, i know he is with you.Just tell him to change the hearts of these evil people, yes he can there is no dictionary which says Imposible in God\'s world.Stay Blessed.your sister in Christ from Ethiopian Orthodox Church... More

Rally Amr

Others | 23 January 2011
So Mr. Amr Moussa flush with money and power he does not deserve, is finally warning of unprecedented anger. Does he really care? I think not. He has been in power and is one of the problems of this whole corrupt region. With all the oil in Algeria and Lybia people are oppressed and poor. What is it with the Arab world that keeps it soo underdeveloped and in such a bad state?.. More

The Spartan

Others | 16 January 2011
Egypt is opening the gates of hell upon it by calling out its ambassedor. All of Europe will at this country with shame. H.H. Pope Benedict XVI said the right need and the right speech. I thank him and praise him for that and I hope Europe will take strong poerful brutal measures upon Egypt... More