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National rights council calls for constitutional changes

Others | 10 November 2009
The government-run Egyptian Human Rights Council (EHRC), headed by former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, has called for the amendment of article 76 of the Egyptian Constitution, which lays down criteria for would-be presidential nominees. The proposed change, say council officials, would open up presidential elections -- scheduled for 2011 -- to a wider range of candidates... More

Ayman Nour calls for open debate with Sorour

Others | 10 November 2009
Alexandria -- Ayman Nour, founder of the opposition Al-Ghad Party and former presidential candidate, has called for holding an open debate with parliamentary speaker and ruling party stalwart Fathi Sorour. Nour hopes to use the debate to refute recent statements by Sorour concerning the legal restrictions barring him from making a second bid for the presidency in upcoming elections scheduled for 2011... More

Okasha: Govt flu strategy causing "unnecessary panic"

Others | 9 November 2009
Prominent psychiatrist Ahmed Okasha criticized the government on Saturday for its handling of both the "bird flu" and "swine flu" health crises and accusing it of causing "unnecessary panic" among the public... More

6 journalists vie for union's top post

Others | 9 November 2009
SIX candidates have applied to run for the chairmanship of the Press Syndicate in next month's election, which is seen as key to the future of the independent union.With just one month to go before the .. More

Constitutional expert: Law guarantees Gamal Mubarak presidency

Others | 8 November 2009
Constitutional jurist Ibrahim Darweesh says that amendments to the constitution have already settled the outcome of the upcoming presidential election in favor of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) candidate, particularly Gamal Mubarak, the head of the NDP's Policy Secretariat and the son of President Hosni Mubarak... More

Feast holiday extended over swine flu

Others | 8 November 2009
Egypt's Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif said yesterday a holiday for the Al-Adha Feast at the end of the current month will be extended to ten days after the spread of swine flu among schoolchildren.. More

El-Baradei announces he might run for presidency

Others | 7 November 2009
The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed el-Baradei announced that he may run in the 2011 Egyptian presidential elections, but insisted there would have to be "built-in guarantees" that the election would be free and fair. .. More

Black cloud covers Delta governorates

Others | 7 November 2009
gypt's Ministry of Environment celebrated yesterday the international Day of Climate Action in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Aswan. The Ministry organized a conference .. More

Cairo envoy arrives in Iraq

Others | 7 November 2009
EGYPT yesterday steped up its pres-ence in Iraq as the new Cairo envoy to Baghdad assumed his official duties since its charge d'affaires, Ihab el-Sherif was kidnapped and killed .. More

Poor people sing train blues

Others | 4 November 2009
The inter-governorate railway services continue to have the reputation for unreliability even after 18 people were killed and 37 others injured when a passenger train drove full-speed into the back of another late last month, southwest of Cairo.These trains.. More

PM begins consultations for limited cabinet reshuffle

Others | 4 November 2009
Confusion reigned at the Council of Ministers office on the southern outskirts of Cairo amid reports that limited ministerial and gubernatorial reshuffles were imminent. According to well-informed sources, Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif has begun closed-door .. More

Health ministry announces sixth swine flu fatality

Others | 3 November 2009
The Health Ministry on Monday announced a new fatality as a result of the H1N1 virus, or "swine flu," bringing the total death toll in Egypt to six, including five women and one young boy whose death remains under investigation... More

Islamists will not bid for Egypt's presidency

Others | 2 November 2009
THE Muslim Brotherhood,Egypt's biggest oppositiongroup,willnot attempt to challenge the ruling party in the 2011 presidential election under the existing constitution, its leader told Reutersin .. More

Opposition conference skewers ruling party

Others | 2 November 2009
Participants at an opposition conference -- held to coincide with the National Democratic Party's (NDP's) sixth annual congress -- squarely blamed the government for corruption in Egypt, which, they said, continues to be ruled "by a small handful of autocrats." .. More

Mubarak avoids talk of succession

Others | 1 November 2009
The Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, has promised further domestic reforms at the annual conference of his ruling National Democratic Party in Cairo. In the opening speech, Mr Mubarak laid out plans for improvements to healthcare, education and transport. .. More

Schoolchild becomes Egypt's 5th swine flu death

Others | 1 November 2009
EGYPT'S Health Ministry reported yesterday the death of a nine-year-old Egyptian pupil at a language school in the Governorate of Helwan south of Cairo, of swine flu, bringing to five the number of cases killed by the virus."The schoolchild, who studied at Al- Masria .. More

Sectarian tensions

Others | 31 October 2009
Coptic delegations and human rights organizations met with members of the National Democratic Party (NDP) to present documents calling for unified laws on building houses of worship and to discuss issues .. More

Gamal Mubarak potential candidate for presidency

Others | 31 October 2009
A senior parliamentary member of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), Hossam Badrawi, said Gamal Mubarak is a potential candidate for the presidency. .. More

Mubarak addresses NDP 6th

Others | 31 October 2009
EGYPT 'S ruling National Democratic Party (NDP)starts its 6th annual congress with President Hosni Mubarak delivering a keynote speech on ways to alleviate poverty and achieve economic and social justice,despite the impact of the international financial crisis on the national economy. .. More

Transport Minister resigns over rail crash

Others | 28 October 2009
Did he jump or was he pushed? Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif (R) during his meeting with resigned Minister of Transport Mohamed Mansour in the Egyptian Cabinet office at the Smart Village outside Cairo yesterday. .. More

Hope for the handicapped

Others | 28 October 2009
Ahmed Ali is one of the 3.4 per cent of Egyptians who are handicapped. He stands confidently in front of his audience, making certain signs known as deaf and dumb language.Through an .. More