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Clinton seeks support for Mideast peace

Others | 3 November 2009
Marrakesh, Morocco (CNN) -- Speaking to the regional Forum for the Future, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged member nations to work toward Mideast peace... More

EU reform treaty passes last test

Others | 3 November 2009
The president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, has signed the EU's Lisbon Treaty, the final step in the charter's ratification. The treaty was drawn up to streamline decision-making in the EU, and is a watered-down version of a draft EU constitution rejected four years ago. .. More

Deadly blast hits Pakistan city

Others | 2 November 2009
At least 30 people have been killed in a suspected suicide bombing in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi. Police told the BBC a bomber blew himself up in the car park of a hotel, beside a bank. More than 40 people were injured, including women and children. .. More

Final round for UN climate talks

Others | 2 November 2009
The latest round of UN climate talks opens in Barcelona on Monday with major divisions remaining between countries. The week's session is the final chance for negotiators to hammer out a text before December's Copenhagen summit .. More

Obama goes to NJ for final pitch of '09 elections

Others | 1 November 2009
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is making a last-minute campaign appearance for New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine's re-election bid. Obama's scheduled to appear Sunday at a pair of rallies for the only incumbent governor seeking re-election. Just one of two governors' .. More

Iran lawmakers reject UN-drafted uranium plan

Others | 31 October 2009
TEHRAN, Iran – Senior Iranian lawmakers rejected on Saturday a U.N.-backed plan to ship much of the country's uranium abroad for further enrichment, raising further doubts about the likelihood Tehran will finally approve the deal... More

US in new push for Mid-East peace

Others | 31 October 2009
Hillary Clinton was asked why she was intervening personally at this stage.US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in the Middle East for talks aimed at unblocking the peace process.She met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the United Arab Emirates before heading to Jerusalem to see Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. .. More

Pirates demand $7 million for yacht couple, Britain says

Others | 31 October 2009
"The government will not make substantive concessions for hostage takers, including the payments of ransom," the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office said... More

UN staff killed in Kabul attack

Others | 28 October 2009
Six foreign UN employees have been killed and nine wounded in an attack in Kabul, the deadliest on the UN in Afghanistan since the Taliban's fall. .. More

Pilots of wayward jet lose licenses

Others | 28 October 2009
Washington (CNN) -- The Federal Aviation Administration revoked the licenses of two Northwest Airlines pilots Tuesday in an extraordinary letter in which the agency chastised the pair, saying they endangered the public by flying an hour and half without .. More

NASA to launch world's largest rocket

Others | 27 October 2009
(CNN) -- NASA is set to launch the world's largest rocket Tuesday, conducting research to help return astronauts to the moon. The 327-foot rocket, called the Ares I-X, is set to launch at 8 a.m. ET from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA said. The empty rocket will help NASA collect information for future missions. .. More

Obama says he will not rush Afghanistan decision

Others | 27 October 2009
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Despite Republican pressure to act quickly, President Barack Obama says he won't rush his decision about whether to send more troops to Afghanistan where 14 Americans died in the deadliest day for U.S. forces in more than four years. .. More

Fidel Castro's sister: "I worked with CIA in Cuba"

Others | 26 October 2009
MIAMI (Reuters) – The younger sister of Fidel and Raul Castro, Juanita Castro, collaborated with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency against her brothers' rule in Cuba before going into exile in Miami in 1964, she said on Sunday... More

Karadzic boycotts start of trial

Others | 26 October 2009
Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has failed to appear at his trial on 11 charges including genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. .. More

Death toll past 100 in Baghdad bombings

Others | 25 October 2009
Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- At least 132 people were killed and 520 wounded in twin suicide car bombings in central Baghdad Sunday, officials said -- the deadliest attack on civilians in Iraq this year. .. More

UN team 'sees Iran nuclear site'

Others | 25 October 2009
A team from the UN's nuclear watchdog has inspected a previously secret uranium enrichment plant in Iran, Iranian officials and media have said. .. More

Pakistan 'takes key Taliban town'

Others | 24 October 2009
Pakistani troops have captured the key Taliban town of Kotkai in South Waziristan, security officials say. Troops took the town after days of bombardments, officials said. Three soldiers and four Taliban were reported killed in the fighting overnight. .. More

Obama:'Cynical claims' attacking energy bill

Others | 24 October 2009
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – President Barack Obama said Friday that opponents of his energy bill are disputing the evidence of global warming in a cynical ploy to undermine efforts to curb pollution and steer the nation to greener energy sources... More

US swine flu deaths surpass 1,000

Others | 24 October 2009
ATLANTA – More Americans have been vaccinated against seasonal flu this fall than ever before by this time of year, federal health officials said Friday. .. More

India trains collision kills 22

Others | 21 October 2009
Two passenger trains have collided near the city of Mathura in northern India, killing at least 22 people. One of the trains, the Mewar Express, was stopped at a red signal .. More

House Dems trim health bill to $871 billion

Others | 21 October 2009
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A preliminary estimate from the Congressional Budget Office projects that the House Democrats' health care plan that includes a public option would cost $871 billion over 10 years, according to two Democratic sources... More