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Health ministry announces sixth swine flu fatality

Others | 3 November 2009
The Health Ministry on Monday announced a new fatality as a result of the H1N1 virus, or "swine flu," bringing the total death toll in Egypt to six, including five women and one young boy whose death remains under investigation... More

Islamists will not bid for Egypt's presidency

Others | 2 November 2009
THE Muslim Brotherhood,Egypt's biggest oppositiongroup,willnot attempt to challenge the ruling party in the 2011 presidential election under the existing constitution, its leader told Reutersin .. More

Opposition conference skewers ruling party

Others | 2 November 2009
Participants at an opposition conference -- held to coincide with the National Democratic Party's (NDP's) sixth annual congress -- squarely blamed the government for corruption in Egypt, which, they said, continues to be ruled "by a small handful of autocrats." .. More

Mubarak avoids talk of succession

Others | 1 November 2009
The Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, has promised further domestic reforms at the annual conference of his ruling National Democratic Party in Cairo. In the opening speech, Mr Mubarak laid out plans for improvements to healthcare, education and transport. .. More

Schoolchild becomes Egypt's 5th swine flu death

Others | 1 November 2009
EGYPT'S Health Ministry reported yesterday the death of a nine-year-old Egyptian pupil at a language school in the Governorate of Helwan south of Cairo, of swine flu, bringing to five the number of cases killed by the virus."The schoolchild, who studied at Al- Masria .. More

Sectarian tensions

Others | 31 October 2009
Coptic delegations and human rights organizations met with members of the National Democratic Party (NDP) to present documents calling for unified laws on building houses of worship and to discuss issues .. More

Gamal Mubarak potential candidate for presidency

Others | 31 October 2009
A senior parliamentary member of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), Hossam Badrawi, said Gamal Mubarak is a potential candidate for the presidency. .. More

Mubarak addresses NDP 6th

Others | 31 October 2009
EGYPT 'S ruling National Democratic Party (NDP)starts its 6th annual congress with President Hosni Mubarak delivering a keynote speech on ways to alleviate poverty and achieve economic and social justice,despite the impact of the international financial crisis on the national economy. .. More

Transport Minister resigns over rail crash

Others | 28 October 2009
Did he jump or was he pushed? Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif (R) during his meeting with resigned Minister of Transport Mohamed Mansour in the Egyptian Cabinet office at the Smart Village outside Cairo yesterday. .. More

Hope for the handicapped

Others | 28 October 2009
Ahmed Ali is one of the 3.4 per cent of Egyptians who are handicapped. He stands confidently in front of his audience, making certain signs known as deaf and dumb language.Through an .. More

Minya Copts stage "protest fast" against church-building restrictions

Others | 27 October 2009
Coptic Church officials in the town of Maghagha in the Middle Egyptian province of Minya began a three-day fast on Monday in hopes of drawing attention to longstanding grievances with "certain state .. More

Gamal Mubarak: nepotism "unknown to private sector"

Others | 27 October 2009
Gamal Mubarak, head of the ruling National Democratic Party's influential Policies Secretariat, admitted on Sunday to the existence of nepotism within the government. .. More

Assiut Muslims charged with damaging church building

Others | 26 October 2009
ASSIUT -- State prosecutors on Sunday ordered the detention of 30 Muslim residents of the city of Dayrout in the southern Assiut province on charges of damaging the façade of a Coptic diocese building. 37 others are also expected to be brought up on the same charge... More

Transport minister to stay on despite train crash

Others | 26 October 2009
Trains bound for Upper Egypt are running again as usual after being halted for 12 hours on Sunday when two trains collided in Ayyat station south of Cairo, killing 18 passengers and injuring 36... More

More than 30 killed, 50 injured in Ayyat train crash

Others | 25 October 2009
Train 152 from Giza to Fayyoum never made it beyond the villages of Kafr Ammar and Rejja in Ayyat. Around 6:00 PM yesterday, the train struck a water buffalo. Five minutes later it was rear-ended by .. More

Tagammu party expels el-Hariri

Others | 25 October 2009
The general secretariat of the Tagammu Party voted yesterday to expel party leader Abul Ezz el-Hariri. The decision was approved with a majority of 50 members, with eight others voting against the resolution, and two members abstaining. .. More

Food poisoning strikes Assuit wedding

Others | 24 October 2009
ABOUT 75 wedding guests, including 30 children, were hospitalised yesterday for apparent food poisoning, a police officer in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Assuit said yesterday... More

Systematic torture occurring in Egypt

Others | 24 October 2009
Torture in Egypt has reached an intolerable level and is systematically being used on all levels of Egyptian society including women, children, elderly men and youth, regardless of .. More

Egyptians' monthly endless nightmare

Others | 24 October 2009
Each month, Egyptians have to bear the burden of soaring phone, water, electricity and trash-collecting bills, while their salaries remain unchanged. There's one word to sum up this situation - it's a nightmare,'' says Hoda Abdul-Hameed, a Cairo .. More

Pope Shenouda rejects normalization with Israel

Others | 21 October 2009
Leader of Egypt's Coptic Church Pope Shenouda III on Monday stressed his rejection of normalized relations with Israel. "I reject any normalization with Israel in light of the continued occupation imposed on the Palestinians," he said... More

NDP official quashes succession rumours

Others | 21 October 2009
THE ruling National Democratic Party (NDP)will not change any of its leaders in its annual congress later this month,Safwat el-Sherif,the secretary-general of the party, said yesterday.He added that the .. More