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Egyptian Christians Fear More Muslim Violence‏

Mary Abdelmassih | 1 November 2009
Egypt (AINA) -- Egyptian security forces have intensified their presence in the Upper Egyptian town of Dairout, in anticipation of a recurrence of Muslim violence against Christians. Copts expressed their fear over leaflets entitled "These have to Die!" which are .. More

Coptic Council calls on Mubarak to pass houses of worship common law

Others | 31 October 2009
CAIRO: The International Coptic Council, which has among its ranks 12global Coptic organizations and associations, called on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to expedite the adoption of a unified law .. More

Church Renovation Prompts Muslim Mob Attack in Egypt‏

Mary Abdelmassih | 31 October 2009
Egypt (AINA) -- On Tuesday evening, October 27, a Muslim mob attacked the Church of St. George in the village of Nazlet Albadraman, located in the Deir Mawas District, Minya Province. The Priest and the congregation were held inside until they were freed .. More

Muslims threaten New York restaurant for serving alcohol

Others | 31 October 2009
The much-hyped, soon-to-open Breslin restaurant, situated in the 12-story Ace Hotel on Broadway and 29th, is giving members of the Masjid Ar-Rahman mosque across the street some agita. “Five times a .. More

Sectarian attacks continue in Southern Egypt

Others | 28 October 2009
CAIRO: Sectarian strife has broken out again in southern Egypt. On Saturday morning, in the Abu el-Jabal area in the center of Dayrut City of the Assiut Governorate, 300 kilometers south Cairo, after police arrested four Muslims accused of killing a Christian man who was shot dead last week... More

Intimate Photos of Muslim Girl Spark Riot Against Christians in Egypt

Others | 28 October 2009
(AINA) -- Sectarian violence targeting Christian Coptic inhabitants of the Upper Egyptian town of Dairout, 313 kilometers south of Cairo, erupted on Saturday, October 24. Hundres of Muslims, mainly from Al-Azhar Institute in Dairout, and secondary school students chanted 'God is Great' while attacking and looting Christian-owned homes and businesses, as well as churches and the Coptic Orthodox Diocese building. They were demanding revenge from the Christian young man who "shamed the Muslims.".. More

Egypt Muslims stone Coptic churches in sectarian clash

Others | 25 October 2009
CAIRO — Muslims students stoned Coptic Christian churches and homes in a southern Egyptian village on Saturday after four Muslims suspected of killing a Copt were kept in custody, police said... More

Christian Murdered Over Rumored Affair With Muslim

Others | 24 October 2009
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - A Christian man was killed in southern Egypt by attackers who accused his son of having an affair with a Muslim girl, police said yesterday... More

How FBI traced Egyptian American Tarek Mehanna in his quest to become a jihadi

Others | 24 October 2009
Informants helped the FBI track Tarek Mehanna to the Middle East in search of terrorist training, according to government documents. Agents also copied his computer hard drive. .. More

Islamists and Montreal elections

Others | 21 October 2009
Montreal's mayoralty race is heating up as the November 1 voting day swiftly approaches. Former separatist militant Louise Harel of the Vision Montréal party, thought to be the front runner over somewhat .. More

Report: Global Muslim population hits 1.57 billion

Others | 18 October 2009
The global Muslim population stands at 1.57 billion, meaning that nearly 1 in 4 people in the world practice Islam, according to a report Wednesday billed as the most comprehensive of its kind... More


Others | 17 October 2009
FURIOUS opponents last night called for a mass rally by radical Muslims to be outlawed over fears it could spark violent clashes. There are concerns that the march by the fanatical group Islam4UK in .. More


Others | 17 October 2009
In the wake of the sensational ACORN video sting operation by two young investigators, an even more daring and devastating undercover investigation - this one infiltrating the nation's most aggressive .. More


Others | 17 October 2009
The fanatical group Islam4UK has ­announced plans to hold a potentially ­incendiary rally in London later this month. And it is calling for a complete upheaval of the British legal .. More

Christian Father Arrested for Rescuing Daughter from Muslim Husband

Others | 14 October 2009
A Coptic Christian man was reportedly arrested, abused and forced to pay a large sum of money for rescuing his 20-year-old daughter from her Muslim husband, who was said to be holding her against her will .. More

Christian conscripts ‘forced to convert to Islam’

Others | 14 October 2009
The mistreatment of Christian conscripts in the Egyptian army, including beatings, psychological harassment and torture, at the hands of radical Muslim officers to force them to convert to Islam .. More

Forced Islamization of Christian Conscripts in the Egyptian Army

Mary Abdelmassih | 13 October 2009
(AINA) -- Mistreatment of Christian conscripts in the Egyptian army, including beatings, psychological harassment and torture, at the hands of radical Muslim officers to force them to convert to Islam .. More

Coptic Family Forced to Surrender Woman Rescued in Egypt

Others | 11 October 2009
With extortion and violence, authorities pressure father to return daughter to Muslim husband.ISTANBUL, October 9 (Compass Direct News) - State Security Investigations (SSI) forces in Egypt .. More

Freedom House Sends High-Level Delegation to Egypt

Others | 10 October 2009
Freedom House will send a high-level delegation to Cairo next week for talks on how to best support the Egyptian government and civil society in their efforts to strengthen human and civil rights. .. More

Islam ,A shifting locus

Others | 10 October 2009
New data on the second-biggest faith WHEN Barack Obama made his appeal, back in June, for a new understanding between America and Islam, the venue he chose was Egypt—for some obvious reasons. It is the most populous of the Arab .. More

Monks, locals clash over Assiut villa

Others | 6 October 2009
Coptic monks of the El-Mahraq Monastery in the southern city of Assiut clashed with local residents over ownership of a nearby villa that they claim belongs to them. .. More