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Egypt's growing sectarian tensions

Others | 28 November 2010
One protester has been killed and dozens injured in clashes between Egyptian police and Coptic Christians over the construction of a new church. How might these growing sectarian tensions impact the upcoming elections?.. More

Iraq, Christians in Peril: by Open Doors

Others | 10 October 2010
The situation for Christians in Iraq right now is at a crisis level. Armed Islamic terrorists are now patrolling the streets, stopping each person and asking to see their ID cards. Then they check to see what religion is recorded on the card... More

Bare skin ban for Muslim pool event

Others | 20 September 2010
The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has banned people exposing their shoulders and thighs at an event at a public swimming pool in Dandenong, in Melbourne's south-east... More

Arrest Warrant Sought for Egyptian Muslim Cleric for Hate Speech

Mary Abdelmassih | 11 August 2010
(AINA) -- A Christian Coptic human rights group is seeking to initiate an international arrest warrant in the United Kingdom against the leading Muslim fundamentalist cleric Sheikh Yousef al-Badri for inciting Muslims to kill apostates from Islam in Egypt. Al-Badri, who is a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and is associated with the primary Islamic institute of al Azhar University, is reported to have stated "God has commanded us to kill those who leave Islam.".. More

Mona Eltahawy is defending copts rights

Others | 13 July 2010
Mona Eltahawy is an award-winning columnist and an international public speaker on Arab and Muslim issues. She is based in New York... More

VP Biden Arrives in Iraq Amid Political Impasse

Others | 4 July 2010
Vice President Joe Biden landed Saturday in Baghdad to coax Iraqi leaders into ending their government impasse as vying political factions remain deadlocked over which political bloc should pick its new leaders, including prime minister... More

How Gaza Freedom Flotilla was raided by Israeli commandos

Others | 3 June 2010
Israel has blocked eight ships carrying 10,000 tons of aid and 800 activists and politicians on its way to Gaza by using military force and boarding ships in international waters... More

Lars vilks,muhammad cartoonist,attacked during lecture

Others | 16 May 2010
(AP) STOCKHOLM -- A Swedish artist who angered Muslims by depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog was assaulted Tuesday as furious protesters interrupted his university lecture about the limits of free speech... More

South Park censored after death threats from Islamists

Others | 25 April 2010
In the 200th episode of South Park, which was broadcast last week, a proposal to bring the Prophet Mohamed to town is met with short shrift at a community meeting. "Are you nuts?" one character says. "If Mohamed appears in South Park we get bombed!" "We don't know that," another replies. "Maybe enough time has passed that now it's OK to show Mohamed.".. More

Egyptian Brothers Fight to Keep Christian Identity

Others | 4 April 2010
CAIRO, Egypt -- What would you do if your government designated you a Muslim just because your father converted to Islam? That's what happened to two teenage brothers in Egypt. Now they have filed a legal challenge to retain their Christian identity and the landmark decision may come as early as next week. .. More

Sydney Candlelight Memorial Vigil.

Others | 21 March 2010
On Friday evening, the 19th March, 2010, hundreds of members of the Coptic Orthodox Church and several other non-coptic denominations including, Ethiopian Orthodox, Melkite, Catholic, Anglican, Evangelical and Assyrian Churches, gathered at Martin Place in Sydney for a Candlelight prayer vigil. The aim of the vigil was to honour and commemorate the Christian martyrs in Egypt and to pray for all those Christians who are suffering in Egypt and around the globe. .. More

Christian Persecution in Egypt

Others | 9 March 2010
This report takes a look at the history of the Christian community in Egypt and also highlights the persecution Christians in Egypt often face because of their faith. FEA... .. More

Coptic Justice

Others | 14 February 2010
This film is a documentary about the LA Coptic Protests in reaction to the killings of innocent Egyptian Christians by Muslim Extremists..... More

Christian in Egypt: ‘They Try to Kill Us’

Others | 31 January 2010
Egyptian Maher El-Gowhary and his 15 year old daughter Dina never pray twice at the same church, never stay longer than a month in any one apartment. They are constantly under threat, always on the run because they converted to Christianity in a largely Muslim country... More

Nag hammadi

Others | 24 January 2010
Demonstration of copts after armed commando attacks Coptic Christians, seven dead and three wounded , The incident happened at midnight last night, after Christmas Mass which the Coptic Church celebrates Christmas on January 7. .. More

Demonstrations of copts in Berlin

Others | 21 January 2010
Demonstrations of copts in Arizona against killing copts in Nagga Hammadi and asking Egyptian government to do something against this persecution.. More

Presence of Virgin Mary

Others | 20 December 2009
This video shows the Presence of Virgin Mary in saint Mary church in el-waraak in Giza Governorate in Egypt.. More

19 years of welfare

Others | 13 December 2009
Muslims go jihad funded by you and me: 19 years of welfare , A movie shows how Muslims are free in the western countries and practice all kind of freedom and some times reach to violence... More

christian economy are breakdown by muslims in upper egypt

Others | 6 December 2009
this vedio are appear muslim's when attack to all of treader in city called farshout in upper egypt . this is exposure of economy breakdown for christian . in last 21 this month all of youth muslim in this city r attack to.. More


Others | 29 November 2009
A movie shows Muslims in america protest against a merica and asking Muslims in a merica to be against american policy all over the world . .. More

Critical discussion

Others | 21 November 2009
A critical discussion about different issues related to Islam , we don't want to address a special message by broadcasting this video but we just want to have and discuss what others saying. .. More