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Short But Not Sweet

Muslim Brotherhood declares war

Others | 28 November 2010
It is our (the civilized people) mistake, not the Muslims. If there is a wild beast roaming around killing people and the people do not do anyting about it to defend themselves, whose fault is this? America is doing it all wrong, they are ignoring, actually supporting, the beast in their home and go around trying to stop it!!!!.. More

Visit Israel and be very surprised !

Others | 21 November 2010
It is true that Israel offers democracy and security to all. I live in Jaffa close to a Coptic monastery and church,close to two more churches,close to mosques and close to synagogues.I found the above article very interesting but see no reason why millions of Arabs should stand humbly in front of Israeli soldiers begging for protection.The Arabs could stand proudly next to the Israeli soldiers,hand in hand and recieve protection. It is time for courageous Arabs to say loudly that they are prisoners of their own regimes and Israel is no threat to them... More

To Mr. Mannan

Others | 14 November 2010
Not for long Mr. Mannan, do not rejoice too much \\\'cause your alleged prophet declared that islam would draw back to the land of Hijaz the same way a serpent retreats to its hole, please refer to "Saheeh Moslem". I believe that Christianity and islam do not disagree to this fact, because the Holy Bible confirms that at the end of days all knees will kneel down before the true God, the Lord of Hosts our Lord and Saviour Jesus .. More

The Need of a European Leader

Others | 7 November 2010
It's never too late Europe, you are in need of a leader like Geert Wilders to set your people, your culture, your way of life, free. Islam is more likely to dominate unless it is cut from the roots. Wilders should be given all support and reinforcement to lead Europe to a safe and solid ground. God save His people. Amen... More

I am the truth

Others | 31 October 2010
If this is true then i praise Christ from the bottom of my heart. i honoustly believe it possible. but the story don't check out. if it is false the person who wrote will answer to Christ for the damage they have done to possible souls that would come to Christ but on checking out storeys like this change there mind. you would do Christ and his bride a favour if you stop making things up there are plenty of mirricals that our lord performs every day. if the person writing ant false accounts has a problem finding them then maybe they should open there eyes.. More

They have no honor !!

Others | 24 October 2010
I have predicted this 30 plus years ago. I said that the" Wahabi" cowards will attack the Christians, they cannot attack Isreal, they cannot win a war" man to man " , so toshow their anger, they will attack women and children, Christian women and children. They are behaving like their child molester so called the history of Mohamed and you will know exactly what is going to happen in the few weeks and month in Egypt. May God protect Egypt and the Egyptian people, but this situation will not be solved by .. More

Set My People Free

Others | 17 October 2010
Set My People Free: proof to be the most effective method of Evangelisation in all aspects. Whether, through internet communication, matching on streets of the world Biggest cities, telephone calls, Posta, Radio, TV, Newspapers and Brouchers, ect. Many people got the message very pass compare to others means of evangelisations. Keep Up the good work.. More

Obama sucks

Others | 10 October 2010
I blame the u.s and obama he has turned a blind eye to the protests made by copts. I mean come on all those protests and nothing. I liked Bush better. He would have gone down to Egypt and slaughtered those resonsible for this crime. In my mind Obama is coward and a cheater. I mean he won the noble peace prize .. More

Just a hope

Others | 3 October 2010
I hope to see an electronic voting screen within "people,s Assembly "it is the debuties right to know the exact outcome of the voting , and that would be the next question we will be waiting for the answer in the next few months ... More

Chretien de France

Others | 26 September 2010
Be strong one day our Lord will come back and will give retribution.Do not hate them but pray that many of them will also be shocked and find our good Lord of Love and be saved by His cross.We pray for you... More

Security Services Officers

Others | 19 September 2010
Security Services Officers must be held accountable for derliction of their duty.There is NO doubt that those Moslems would not dare to use Christians as slaves and humiliate them to this extent without full support of Security Services Officers (Amn El Dawla).Christians have NO human rights in their country Egypt.. More

Simsim !!

Others | 12 September 2010
Why are so concerned who did what in their beleives !!? If someone wants to be Christian let him or her free !! do not try to "cut their head off" or the other way muslims like to do it is.... " through converts with acid " do you not have anything else to do !!? In your closed and sick mind you sit down and take count.....God .. More

Kamelia Sheehata

Others | 8 September 2010
It seems you have backwards, Muslims did not keep Mohamed Hegazy ( the 16 years old kid) to rewash his washed brain. BUT The church kept kamelia Shehata (25 years old adult) who converted to Islam, without any pressure, The church kept her (or killed her as Waffa Konistanteen) and then you are talking about freedom of religion. .. More

Deja Vu !!

Others | 5 September 2010
I was in Egypt when Mr. Sadat set up that same meeting in the Mena House Hotel more than 30 years ago, he invited everyone to come including the traitors...sorry I mean the Palestinians and of course the Syrians too....The conference room was set with the name of every country and their flag, at that time I was very .. More

This is an inside Job

Others | 1 September 2010
I have said it before !! look inside the museuem., specially at the people who were not there at that day, or they called sick or got an excuse 24 hrs before....I said it before and I will say it again and again ...the .. More

Human Being

Others | 29 August 2010
A question, is there any Islamic authorities or organisations that are addressing these types of concerns with people that claim to have the same Islamic faith yet cause such pain to those who are not? would really like to know... More

One more time!!

Others | 19 August 2010
Sheik Toba Imam must be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity. I know this is difficult to believe to do as people who are charged with these crimes should first be "human" this man is a thug and a killer. Again, I should not blame him as he is doing the work of his child molester thief,killer and of course .. More

It is time !!

Others | 15 August 2010
This thug al-badri should have a warrant for his arrest and should be put in prison for all the sick and hate speeches that he makes against Christians and moslims, Since the moslim people are used to hating and killing each other from the time of their child molester profit , then my consern will switch to the Chrsitains .. More

What Now !!

Others | 8 August 2010
The British want the veil banned !!!! Let us see what the moslims want to do, they will, for sure, refuse to obey, so let me see, they go to a country were the infadils live, then they want to change the way the British live, even though 67% of people in the UK want it out try as a Christian woman to go to Saudi"The Wahabi Land' ware a .. More

Time to Go....really

Others | 1 August 2010
Our beloved 80 year old president still have unfinished work to be done to get Egypt back on track !!!! please let me tell something, it HAS BEEN 30 YEARS since you took charge of this country and you could not finish the job ...for 30 years. This is the definition of a crazy person who keeps doing the same thing over and over...may be for 30 years...and expect a diffrernt result...don't you think it is time to go.....really. .. More

Copy right Vs. Money

Others | 28 July 2010
The rah bany's heirs are just looking for money. but Fayrouz has the copy right too. they just can\\\'t tell her not to sing the music the Mansour Al Rahbany supposedly sold her to sing it. when she sang the songs according to his will she got the copy right... More