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With out any comment

Tharwat Mortada | 27 October 2009
A man tried to make a window ro escape from it ... More

Flammable strife

Tharwat Mortada | 26 October 2009
Flammable strife between Muslims and Copts in Dirout , So this is the reason of the smoke we see every day . .. More

Black coloud

Tharwat Mortada | 25 October 2009
The man says to another one : This somke is not the result of burning Rice straw but becuase of High price in Egypt... More

Sugar price

Tharwat Mortada | 24 October 2009
The woman says to her husband : since the price of the sugar raised you stopped to say sweet words to me .. More

Veiled woman inside the prison

Tharwat Mortada | 21 October 2009
Veiled woman inside the prison .. More

Copts problem

Tharwat Mortada | 20 October 2009
Copts are forced to sign conciliation report although of all problems they are facing .. More

Veiled women

Tharwat Mortada | 19 October 2009
The Caricature is about Veiled women without any comment .. More

The veiled woman

Tharwat Mortada | 18 October 2009
The veiled woman says to the man : I'm afraid that dad could see me with you , The man replyes when i see you first , you can be afraid . .. More

Medical check

Tharwat Mortada | 17 October 2009
The male hen says to the female one : put into your consideration that we are going to make medical check before marriage .. More

Peace Prize

Tharwat Mortada | 14 October 2009
Arab leader says to another one : can you see that obama take the nobel prize while he didn't complet one year in authority while we stayed more than 25 years and we didn't take it !!.. More

Anti corruption

Tharwat Mortada | 13 October 2009
The patient says to the pharmasist : do you have anti corruption ? , The pharmasist said no one ask for this anti.. More

Nobel Prize

Tharwat Mortada | 12 October 2009
Obama said Hi in Cairo university that's why he won the Nobel Prize .. More

Our land

Tharwat Mortada | 11 October 2009
In the past we were irrigating our land by the normal water now we are using the sewage water.. More

The youth national team

Tharwat Mortada | 10 October 2009
The youth national team wear listeining to Patriotic songs to love Egypt more but it seems that they love themselves more and more ... More

Nice Doctor

Tharwat Mortada | 7 October 2009
The Doctor says to the patient that he is going to make an operation for him to remove the appendix for free in return of taking the liver and the kidney... More

6 of October

Tharwat Mortada | 6 October 2009
The announcer : What song do you like to listen to in the occasion of 6 October? ,The Israel man :Hope this night to pass .. More

Black cloud

Tharwat Mortada | 5 October 2009
The black clouds are the copts' problem which never disappeared.. More

Swin flu

Tharwat Mortada | 4 October 2009
It seems that they fight increase in population not swin flu.. More

Bread crisis

Tharwat Mortada | 3 October 2009
Man says to the waiter : 2 bread please cause they lack of finding bread in normal way.. More

The Government

Tharwat Mortada | 30 September 2009
The government ignores the rights of the copts by reading the news of attacking on copts by wrong way.. More

Attacking Copts

Tharwat Mortada | 29 September 2009
Police officer : What is your name ? Th suspect on attacking copts : Philanthropist .. More