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Egypt court rejects Madinaty appeals

Others | 16 September 2010
Egypt's High Administrative Court on Tuesday rejected two appeals against a lower court's decision in a land case involving property developer Talaat Moustafa Group's (TMG) flagship project Madinaty... More

Egypt Ghad party to boycott parliamentary election

Others | 16 September 2010
Egypt's opposition Ghad party said Tuesday that it would join Mohamed ElBaradei in boycotting November parliamentary elections.. More

Lawyers: Egypt minister at fault for Van Gogh theft

Others | 16 September 2010
Lawyers for 11 Egypt's Ministry of Culture officials charged with negligence over the theft of a $55 million Van Gogh painting said on Tuesday their clients were scapegoats and the minister should shoulder responsibility .. More

Mubarak meets Clinton ahead of ME talks

Others | 15 September 2010
SHARM EL SHEIKH (Egypt)-President Hosni Mubarak Tuesday met US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ahead of.. More

Egypt protects water stations from Nile oil spill

Others | 15 September 2010
Egypt's officials said on Sunday that authorities have blocked off water purification stations along the Nile in southern Egypt to prevent some 100 tons of diesel oil that leaked from a barge from polluting drinking water.. More

Zamalek held by Gouna at home

Others | 15 September 2010
CAIRO - Zamalek were held at home to a 1-1 draw with a stubborn Gouna side in the Egyptian Premier League on Monday night. The Whites won four points from their first three games, conceding five goals in the process... More

Egypt detains 16 foreigners

Others | 14 September 2010
EL-ARISH — Sixteen Russians and Moldovans who killed the Egyptian smuggler who was going to help slip them across the border into Israel have been detained in Egypt, a security official said on Sunday... More

Al-Azhar Sheikh: Ripping pages of Qur'an 'despicable'

Others | 14 September 2010
CAIRO - A senior Egyptian Muslim cleric on Sunday condemned a group of Christians who tore up pages of the Qur'an outside the White House on the anniversary of 9/11 saying their act was "despicable".. More

Egypt's Al-Ahly reach ACL semis

Pope Shenouda III | 14 September 2010
CAIRO - Egypt's Al-Ahly beat last year's African Champions League (ACL) runners-up Heartland FC of Nigeria 2-1 in Cairo Sunday night to complete the lineup for the semi-finals with one round left in the group phase... More

Free healthcare MPs cry foul

Others | 13 September 2010
CAIRO-Fourteen Egyptian legislators involved in alleged free healthcare abuses have had their parliamentary immunity lifted, prior to their being investigated on suspicion of squandering public funds by illegally offering free medical treatment to people who don’t need it. .. More

Egypt plans to tender eight trade zones next month

Others | 13 September 2010
CAIRO- Egypt's Trade Ministry plans to tender 500 million square metres of land for specialised trade zones next month, part of a plan to boost internal trade and lure more investment, the state news agency reported... More

Two activists arrested, released over Eid holiday

Others | 13 September 2010
CAIRO: In separate incidents, two political activists were detained and released over the Eid holiday.Walid Shawqy, an activist with the National Association for Change (NAC) founded by Mohamed ElBaradei, was arrested early on Friday morning after Eid prayers and taken to a police station in Dakerness, El-Daqhileya. .. More

Baradei coalition to boycott polls

Others | 12 September 2010
CAIRO - An opposition coalition led by potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei has agreed to boycott Egypt's parliamentary elections due in November... More

Tanta lawyers charged with court assault get lighter sentence

Others | 12 September 2010
An Egyptian court issued today what it described as a lighter ruling against the two lawyers convicted of assault on a Tanta prosecution head .. More

4 drown as boat caspises in Egypt

Others | 12 September 2010
DAKHALIA (Egypt) - Four girls drowned when their pleasure boat capsized in a canal in this Nile Delta province, the official Middle East News Agency reported on Saturday. Eight others were rescued from death during the mishap... More

Pro-ElBaradei journalist faces criminal trial over minister insult

Others | 9 September 2010
A prominent opposition journalist is to go on trial for allegedly libeling Egypt's foreign minister in a newspaper, a judicial source said on Sunday.. More

Egypt NDP hints at Brotherhood squeeze

Others | 9 September 2010
CAIRO- A senior member of Egypt's ruling party said on Wednesday the Muslim Brotherhood had failed to provide an effective parliamentary opposition, in the latest hint that the Islamists may be sidelined in November elections... More

Egyptian minister leaving cabinet for WB

Others | 9 September 2010
CAIRO- Egyptian Investment Minister Mahmoud Mohieldin, a prominent economic liberaliser, will resign from the Egyptian government to take up a senior post at the World Bank beginning in October, the cabinet said on Wednesday... More

Protest over alleged Coptic convert

Others | 8 September 2010
CAIRO - Hundreds of Muslim worshippers and activists from the social networking website Facebook protested Sunday night outside Amr Ibn el-Aas Mosque in Old Cairo, calling for the release of Camilia Shehata, the wife of a priest who has allegedly converted to Islam and then disappeared around a month ago... More

Egypt minister nominated for World Bank position

Others | 8 September 2010
Egypt's Minister of Investment Mahmoud Mohieldin has been nominated for a prominent position at the World Bank (WB), according to informed sources.. More

Official on trial for painting theft

Others | 8 September 2010
CAIRO - Egypt's Prosecutor General Abdel-Maguid Mahmoud Monday referred Mohssen Shaalan, the First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Head of Sector of Fine Arts, together with 10 other defendants, to the Criminal Court to be tried over the theft of van Gogh's painting 'Poppy Flowers' from the Mahmoud Khalil Museum in Giza last month... More