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Muslim Cleric Calls for Jihad, Coptic Christians Attacked in Egypt

Mary Abdelmassih | 16 August 2010
On August 13 Sheikh Tobah, Imam of the village of Shimi 170 KM south of Giza, called during Muslim Friday prayers for Jihad against Christians living there. As a result the Christian Copts living in the village were assaulted over two consecutive days. Eleven Copts were hospitalized and many Coptic youths were arrested... More

Nile water will never go outside Egypt-Mubarak

Others | 15 August 2010
CAIRO - President Hosni Mubarak said yesterday Egypt would never provide any other country outside its borders with Nile water, and urged the Government to better use water of the world's longest river.. More

Egypt police victim case goes to special court

Others | 15 August 2010
Egypt's judicial source said Wednesday that an Egyptian whose abuse by police led to two officers being jailed will be tried over a street brawl under a controversial law the government said would be limited to drugs and terrorism.. More

Ibrahim: Egypt uses US complex to stonewall democracy

Others | 15 August 2010
The Egyptian dissident and human rights activist who recently returned to Egypt from exile in the US Saad Eddin Ibrahim delivered his first public talk since his return.. More

Egypt announces regulations of child law

Others | 8 August 2010
Egypt's Minister of the State for Family and Population Moshira Khattab announced this week changes to the Egyptian child law She said that a number of changes include executive regulations of the Children’s Act 162 of 2008, which was recently approved by Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif... More

Egypt confirms: Rocket came from Sinai

Others | 8 August 2010
Egypt's government confirmed that a rocket fired at Eilat, Israel, and Aqaba, Jordan, which killed at least one Jordanian and wounded a handful of others, came from the country’s Sinai Peninsula The reversal came after Jordan’s government said on Wednesday that it had “proof” that a rocket that landed in the port town of Aqaba had been launched from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, a pro-government newspaper reported... More

NDP prepares for legislative vote

Others | 8 August 2010
CAIRO - The ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) will field 805 candidates in the coming parliamentary elections, which will be held next November, a top party official has said... More

campaign pushing Gamal Mubarak for president

Others | 1 August 2010
A campaign to support President Hosni Mubarak's son to follow in his father footsteps has been launched by an unlikely leftist who has been busy scattering posters and slogans in slums and poor neighborhoods in support of Gamal Mubarak. "I can see him [Gamal] completing the process his father started. I was impressed by his visits to .. More

Egyptian ministers warn youth of lies about the country

Others | 1 August 2010
Egyptian Ministers Hani Hilal of Higher Education and Ahmed Zaki Badr of Education cautioned young Egyptians abroad from falling for erroneous information being promoted abroad to smear Egypt's reputation. Egypt - like any other world country - suffers from individual cases of corruption, but this does not mean .. More

The Tragedy of Egypt 's Copts ...

Others | 1 August 2010
In Egypt , the Copts are being denied access to certain high positions, deprived from the freedom to build new churches, and suffering from increasing suffocating fanaticism from all directions. My special interest in the Coptic question, which is known to many people, led me to conduct an in-depth study of the history of Christianity in Egypt , in an attempt to acquaint myself with the source of the .. More

Mubarak says economy is Egypt's top priority

Others | 25 July 2010
CAIRO — Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said Thursday improving economic growth and dealing with social disparities were top priorities for the Arab world's most populous nation, challenging his political opponents to take them on... More

Egyptian journalist shot dead in Riyadh

Others | 25 July 2010
Egyptian authorities are forming a task force to investigate the shooting death of two Egyptians in Saudi Arabia, authorities announced. Fawzi el-Ashmawi, the Egyptian counselor to Saudi Arabia, said he was cooperating with officials in Riyadh in the shooting deaths... More

Disappearance of Priest's Wife Leads to Coptic Demonstrations in Egypt

Mary Abdelmassih | 25 July 2010
(AINA) -- The unexplained disappearance of a Coptic priest's wife in Upper Egypt has led today a sit-in staged by thousands of Copts at the Coptic Patriarchate in Cairo, to protest what they consider "collusion by the state security services." There are rumors that Islamists have abducted her. They promised to continue with their sit-in until the state security divulges her whereabouts... More

Egyptian Christian Mother and her Children Abducted by Veiled Woman

Mary Abdelmassih | 22 July 2010
The role played by Muslim women in the abduction and forced Islamization of Christian females in Egypt is on the rise, with continuously changing methods of deception. Victims are mostly minor Christian girls, however, one of the most recent abductions was a Coptic Christian family... More

Defendants in 'blood bag case' acquitted

Others | 18 July 2010
Egypt's Court of Cassation Saturday acquitted former MP Hani Sorour, who heads a medical equipment company, and six other defendants in the notorious defective blood bags case that has grabbed the public atteention in Egypt for more than four years now. .. More

Egyptian court postpones MB trial

Others | 18 July 2010
An Egypt's emergency court has postponed the trial of five members of the Egyptian banned Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group after one defendant suffered heart troubles, said Egypt's state news agency.. More

Trial of Christian Framed in Sexual Assault Case Implies 'Fowl Play' by the Egyptian State Security

Mary Abdelmassih | 18 July 2010
The high profile criminal trial of Christian Copt poultry vendor Girgis Baroumi, accused of allegedly having sexually assaulted a Muslim minor, has reconvened on July 12, 2010, under a new judicial body and another district criminal court in Qena. The defendant's legal team had applied in April 2010, to change the previous court due to being prevented from meeting with their client, attending closed sessions or cross-examining witnesses... More

Egypt Roman Orthodox Church rejects unified Personal Status Law

Others | 12 July 2010
Egypt's Roman Orthodox Church said that it rejects the new unified Personal Status Law for non-Muslims, which the Ministry of Justice is currently preparing in cooperation with the Coptic Orthodox, Evangelical and Catholic Churches.. More

Muslims Attempt to Behead Apostate in Egypt

Mary Abdelmassih | 11 July 2010
The latest in a string of failed attempts by Muslim fanatics on the life of Egyptian Muslim-born Maher el-Gowhary who publicly converted to Christianity in 2008, took place on Sunday July 5, 2010. As 57-year-old Maher left his secret lodging, somewhere in metropolitan Cairo with his lawyer, two unknown men on a motorbike, attacked him with daggers. "They were aiming at my neck to behead me," said Maher in an interview with the newly launched US-based Hope Coptic TV Channel. "Something inspired me to turn and give them my shoulder, instead of facing them, which was lucky." .. More

Ethiopia seeks to reassure Egypt over Nile waters

Others | 11 July 2010
Ethiopia has reassured Egypt that a new pact it signed with four other countries on the sharing of water from the River Nile will not harm Egypt Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda in May signed the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework meant to replace a 1959 accord between Egypt and Sudan that gives them control of more than 90 percent of the water flow... More

Egypt unveils discovery of 4,300-year-old tombs

Others | 11 July 2010
Egypt's archaeologists have unveiled their latest discovery — two 4,300-year-old tombs carved out of stone and unearthed in the ancient necropolis of Saqqara near Cairo. The tombs have false doors with paintings depicting their owners — a father and a son who served as heads of the royal scribes. Antiquities chief Zahi Hawass says the new findings are "the most distinguished tombs ever found from the Old .. More