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Extremism should not be justified

Magdy Malak | 23 February 2019
In one of his stupid statement Ahmad abou Al-ghaeit said lately that Plasteine issue is the main reason of extremism in the region. I don’t understand how a politician can justify violence and make it sounds right. Let me tell you Mr abou Al-ghaeit why there is a violence in our region. When we lack to justice and resort to revenge as a mean to wipe out our political rivals, will be always violence. When we see corruption and can’t do anything with it, will be always violence. When we teach our children to hate others in schools and mosques, will be always violence. .. More

New Thoughts and Uniforms

Mena Habeeb | 22 February 2019
As Egypt bid farewell to 3 martyrs of al-Darb al-Ahmar terrorist attack, 9 terrorists were getting ready to receive death penalty over assassination of Egypt s former public prosecutor, Hisham Barakat, who was assassinated when a car bomb struck his vehicle in 2015. Responding to the news about the execution of the nine men convicted of the attack, several online media campaigns were launched and complained that the trial was unfair. The nine were among 28 men sentenced to death for the killing of the former public prosecutor. Several of the men said they were forcibly disappeared and tortured in order to confess to the killing. Many people started to accuse the government of killing innocent people at the time pro government supporters see it as fair trial and that the terrorists deserved it... More

George Wajih Fakhri

Mina M. Azer | 21 February 2019
George Wajih Fakhri is an actor with no limbs, but he has a gift and always receives warm applause from the audience. He is a young man in his mid-twenties, who is weak in body and strong in personality. His smile is always on his face despite the his suffering with life. His devotion to acting developed in the theaters of the churches after he was accepted to join the ministry couple of years ago. He wanted to serve God with his talents and to spread happiness among the people. People love his acting and encourage him to continue. Such words of support renew his passion and gives him hope and encouragement... More

We are the clay

Others | 20 February 2019
God does not despair of the immobility of man and the multitude of sins committed by men, but he reshapes our hearts to take away the bad habits, just like pottery. Dr. Rasmi Abdul Malik, head of the humanities department at the Theological seminary talked in his article I am like ceramics in your hands about the reshaping of man s heart by the hand of God. God has created man for good deeds, but the corruption of man s nature prevented that goal. God doesn t despair from man and never abandon his salvation. Thus, He reshapes our hearts for his work with the Holy Spirit. .. More

About Constitutional Amendments

Youseef Sidhom | 19 February 2019
Now as the Egyptian Parliament has accepted the request submitted by 155 MPs to amend the Constitution, Egypt embarks on the crucial phase during which the proposed amendments are discussed and drafted, then put up for public referendum. Let us look into Article 226 of the Constitution, which governs the approval of any constitutional amendment. The article comes under the Chapter VI titled: “General and Transitional Provisions”. It reads: “The president of the republic, or one-fifth of the members of theParliament, may request the amendment of one or more articles of the Constitution. The request should specify the articles proposed for amendment and the reasons for amendment. In all cases, the Parliament shall discuss the amendment request within 30 days of the date it receives that request. The Parliament shall issue its decision to accept the request in full or in part by a majority of its members. If the request is rejected, amendment of the same articles may not be again requested till the following legislative round. .. More

Happy Valentine s Egypt

Magdy Malak | 16 February 2019
When you live abroad for a while it is easy to notice many things you wouldn t notice if you live inside your native country. Lately, I noticed while walking or going somewhere that a lot of people actually read and listen to the news of their original country not the country they live in now. Although many left their countries for many reasons from persecution to search for a better life, however, everyone is still connected to his native country through social media, TV and The News. While we are in the Valentine s Day, that shows the love everyone carry for his native country although the suffering and the problems he passed by in his life to come to a new country. In conclusion, we can feel the love going through our body to our countries even if we don t live in it anymore and that s why this year I want to say Happy Valentine s Egypt... More

Happy Valentines Day

Mena Habeeb | 15 February 2019
As the whole world is celebrating Valentines Day, I would like to talk today about offering love before gifts. I am talking here about the mature love that is expressed by giving. Yes, one should express his love by giving from his time, efforts, money and etc. This concept extends to love our children, homeland, church, family, friends and spouses. Thus, lets think today about the love that we can offer to those whom we do care about. It is not just about giving more; it is about what we give and how we present it. The gift is valuable no matter how much it costs as long as it is offered with love. A child wanted to give his dad a present at Valentine’s Day, so he offered him the last piece of chocolate that he had and indeed this was very valuable gift since it was wrapped with true love. Lets think about giving more love to those whom we care about. Lets give them a touch of caring, respect and appreciation. Enjoy a happy Valentines Day my dear friends! .. More

The ‫ Creed‬

Others | 14 February 2019
Christ did not leave us a specific textbook to memorize it, and has not handed a creed to the disciples, but only gave them the principles of love, holiness and justice through which, they were guided by the Holy Spirit and wrote the creed to be widely accepted by Christians all over the world. This was explained by Father Youhanna Nasief, the priest of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Chicago, in his article the formation of the creed in which he assured that it was written thanks to the holy spirit. In the first church, it was a simple statement of the basic beliefs before accepting baptism which was referred by St. Paul saying Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses. (1 Timothy 6: 12) .. More

Political assassinations

Others | 13 February 2019
The military court sentenced 8 defendants to death penalty on charges of attempt assassination of president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and here I remember few political assassinations in Egypt. Th oldest political assassination in the history of modern Egypt is the assassination of Napoleon s deputy Clipper during the French campaign against Egypt. He was killed by Suleiman al-Halabi, a student who came from Syria to study at Al-Azhar. Al-Halabi hid himself between the trees claiming to be a beggar, and used a knife to stab Clipper to death. Then, during the British occupation of Egypt, the Black Hand Association was formed by the National Party, which believed that the assassination is one mean of struggle. They assassinated the English soldiers and those who collaborated with them among the Egyptians. They killed Sir Le Stack, the governor of Cairo, Ahmed Maher Pasha and Amin Pasha Osman. The Muslim Brotherhood continued the list by killing Counselor Khazandar in front of his house in Helwan, and Salim Pasha Zaky in front of the Faculty of Medicine, and placed bombs in front of the churches, and then killed Prime Minister Nukrashi Pasha... More

Article like cancer!

Others | 12 February 2019
We listen these days to the justifications of those supporting the amendments to the Egyptian Constitution. They say that the Constitution is not a sacred text and the second article, which states that Islam is the main source of legislation for the laws, and that Egypt is an Islamic state is not an exception. Such article was planted in 1980 like a bomb by Sadat to be reelected for lifetime and wanted to get the support of the Islamists. The problem of article 2 is that it impairs the entire judiciary, such as the crimes called (honor killings), a murder that any murderer can claim to defend his honor even if he is a pimp. Moreover, the bearded officers were not excluded since Islamic Sharia doesn t prohibit letting one s beard grow. The personal status laws were no exception despite their extremely big scale. The second article is not a problem for Christians alone, but for all Egyptians, police and army... More

The Constitution again

Magdy Malak | 10 February 2019
Again Egyptian and the political regime in Egypt don t want to learn from his past mistakes and lately member of the parliament suggested many amendments to the constitution. These amendments mainly targeting increasing how many times the president can run for the election, thus, president Sisi can be in the power for longer time. Unfortunately, most of the intellectual and elite of the society can t utter a word or objecting what s going to happen otherwise they will face what the Egyptian director “Khaled Youssef” faced by provoking him with sexual videos... More

Democracy and development

Mena Habeeb | 8 February 2019
A friend of mine suddenly decided to move to Rwanda and invest his savings in that African country assuring it is a great investment opportunity. It was an interesting turn in his life that made me curious to learn more about this country. Rwanda is one of the smallest countries on the African mainland and has suffered from civil war and genocide in which around 1 million people were killed. However, Rwanda has changed dramatically and witnessed great development. Moreover, its economy and health services has witnessed great improvement. Paul Kagame is a Rwandan politician and former military leader. He is currently the President of Rwanda, having taken office in 2000 when his predecessor, Pasteur Bizimungu, resigned. Kagame previously commanded the rebel force that ended the 1994 Rwandan genocide. He was considered Rwanda s de facto leader when he served as Vice President and Minister of Defence from 1994 to 2000. He was re-elected in August 2017 with an official result of nearly 99% in an election criticized for numerous irregularities.He has been described as the "most impressive" and "among the most repressive" African leaders. Kagame has been president of Rwanda for 19 years and though he has made many achievements in several fields, democracy remains not one of them. This may show that there is a big difference between development and democracy. .. More

Presidential office

Others | 7 February 2019
5 years have passed since Mr. President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi took the presidential office, and he always tells us that he won t continue in that office if the people don t want him to. I want to remind him of the story of Harun al-Rashid, who used to hide himself in clothes of a bigger at night to listen to his people and to compare it to the sayings of the people surrounding him. President al-Sisi was born and raised in a local and historical neighborhood, Gamalia, and I visited this neighborhood since I admire Islamic antiquities like Qalawoon, Ghouri, Barqouq, Merdani, Mohamed Bai Abdul Dahab, and Akmar mosques which are full of beauty... More

Macron responds to his people

Mina M. Azer | 6 February 2019
French newspapers talked about the visit of French President Emmanuel Macaron to Egypt, which shows how Makron responded to the demands of his people. The French journalist said that President Macaron has drawn the attention of Egyptian translators more than once to the fact that he speaks about human rights, and yet they do not translate the words accurately to President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. This shows that those surrounding the president don t translate the situation accurately to him and not only the words of the the French guest. The situation also showed that president Macron determined to talk about the issue of human rights no matter what happens. This also happened after he was criticized for not mentioning it last year upon the visit of al-Sisi to France, and therefore, decided to mention it clearly this year. He declared it several times even before he visited Egypt saying that Egypt violated human rights and freedoms. Yet, no body responded in Egypt... More

Constitutional amendments

Others | 5 February 2019
I Write this article to discuss what I am trying to understand, not to evaluate or criticize. It may look useless as a friend told me since our leaders prefer stubbornness, tyranny and even murdering! The situation is totally nonsense as wisdom is hated and giving advice is a crime that is not forgiven. We have tried to amend the constitutions before, and what was the result? Sadat opened the duration of presidential period to be unlimited instead of just two. Yet, he was murdered before his initial period was over. .. More

Apple revenue versus Arab countries revenue

Magdy Malak | 2 February 2019
CNN released recently a report comparing between Apple Revenues and some Arab countries revenues and the report shows that Apple almost beat all the Arab countries revenue like (Egypt- Emirates- Saudi Arabia) not combined but individually. For Example the report showed that apple revenue was about 250 Billion Dollar compare to 239 to Saudi Arabia, 112 to Emirates, 56 to Egypt, 54 to Kuwait, and 49 to Qatar. The statistics explain why US Economy still remain one of the strongest economies on the earth although all troubles happened lately with China related to the trade war. It s a big shame when we see a company in US can beat bif counties especially Egypt which has now over 95 Million population who should be a main power for the economy. Having said that, we need to recognize that this is a big challenge that Arab countries face and we should take it as incentive to work hard and beat such numbers but will the Arab leaders listen and follow, this is the real challenge. .. More

A House on the Rock

Others | 1 February 2019
Lord Jesus Christ used to demonstrate his teachings to the disciples using parables. Furthermore, he encouraged them to think over its meanings. One of these parables is the house over the rock. Sister Marian Edward, minister at the church of St. Mary in Amsterdam, talked about the meaning of such house explaining that life of each of us is similar to a building that we build and save throughout our lives. In that account, Lord Jesus has talked about three kinds of houses referring to human life and work and spiritual struggle. First, the house built on sand is the person who hears a lot but does not do according to what he hears, and this house will fall quickly. Secondly, the house built on the rock is a human being who hears and then goes and obeys what he hears. The empty house means life without spiritual struggle in the constant prayer and the bible study. Such person doesn t have spiritual practices and therefore it lacks fruits of the holy spirit like love, happiness and peace. Everybody should check his heart and house and find out which type he belongs to, and whether the way is leading to the kingdom of heavens. .. More

Love in Tama Island

Mina M. Azer | 30 January 2019
As Bishop Isaac of Tima was visiting the Island of Tima in a pastoral care visit, he was received and celebrated by both Muslims and Christians of the Island. Sounds of music and celebrations were signs of love to the bishop. Sheik Mostafa Abdul Razik, Imam of the mosque of the island, delivered a speech in which he said that he honors the bishop and wishes he could cover the earth under his grace with flowers. I write this article not only to thank and appreciate the love of Sheikh Abdul Razik, but also to salute Bishop Isaac who could, through love and wisdom, gain love of the people and remove all reasons of sectarian strife that attacked many other places in our homeland. .. More

Al-Arish cleared of terrorists

Others | 29 January 2019
One of the Copts of El-Arish called Adib Nakhla Yassa was kidnapped while returning home in Al-Arish to work thinking the situation is better now. The bus that he was riding was stopped by the terrorists who put on military uniform and searched the identification cards seeking Police, army or Christians. The man declared he is Christian and was kidnapped by the terrorists who might kill him to show their presence in Arish to the world. Our armed forces are waging war against the terrorists and kill many of them in a comprehensive operation since those terrorists target innocent people in order to say that the Egyptian government is not able to protect its citizens. .. More

Churches in Nigeria

Magdy Malak | 27 January 2019
Lately Muslims destroyed 1,125 churches in Nigeria. This number is a close number of the churches that Muslims Brotherhood burned in Egypt after stepping Mohamad Morsi down in 2013. Unfortunately, the Muslim extremists burn and destroy churches without any mercy everywhere without counting any responsibility of their actions. The international community keeps silent for everything related to Christians and churches. I imagine if Christian s people burned or destroyed the same number of mosques what would be the international reaction toward that violence. There is no doubt that we now suffer from very week international system which doesn t have enough tools to deal with violence against human and against freedom of religious. With the current American trend which encourage tyrant to take over and with the American trend to not defend human rights against extremism I don t think this violence against Christians and their churches will stop soon. In conclusion, I can sense a new international system coming in the road, with France and Germany signed lately a military agreement and with US trying to fight with China and face Russia might be the solution in this new international system. .. More

The Week of Christian Unity Prayer

Father Asanasius | 25 January 2019
The unity of the Church derives from the unity of the Trinity, which is the theological basis of unity. The Father is the source of the Trinity or the fountain of the Trinity; the Son is the center of the Church; the Holy Spirit is the bearer of witness, preaching and service. The Trinity is in unity and harmony, and, therefore, the division does not stop at mere logical or conceptual error; but comes as deviation from the proper foundation of the structure of our faith. But the Holy Spirit, the living God, is working in the Church achieving its unity after divisions have caused greater destruction than the persecutions of tyrants and oppressors. We are meeting this year on the theme of (Give me drink) so that the Lord will shake us from His fountain and unite us in His holy divine person. Our Coptic Church has always been present in all humility, love and serious participation since the days of the Alexandria theological school, and its scholars like Pentenus, Clemandas, Origen, and Didimus. its present started with Athanasius, Descurus and Cyril the Great and continues till the visit of Pope Taudros II to the ancient throne of Rome hoping to achieve this unity. 
We believe in one Christ, one bible and one kingdom of heaven. We do have too many things in common. We look forward to many fruitful meetings that strengthen our spiritual and theological knowledge in order to be able to witness for Christ before the whole world. This is our way supported by the holy spirit and obtaining open mind. We should pray and study the holy bible seeking orthodoxy. 
Our hopes that the prayer of unity will be fruitful for the one church achieving the aim of the saints who kept the faith and delivered its blameless and pure. Such unity may come before the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ so that everybody knows that we are His sons and disciples that we don t consider personal benefits and seek the salvation of the whole world. .. More