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Short But Not Sweet

Others | 17 October 2016
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A Problem Uncontained

Coptsunited | 23 May 2016
My mind cannot comprehend how and why terrorism exists in the world. Was this MS804 flight tragedy due to terrorism? Every single cell in my body is praying the answer is "no" I will be crushed if the answer is "yes" I do believe we will reveal an answer soon enough, but are we prepared for it?.. More

Morsi Re-Elected as New President! (American Version)

Coptsunited | 3 March 2016
America's dim future seems to be materializing more and more everyday. In the beginning, it was a joke that this multi-billion dollar, self-proclaimed prophet, racist elitist would be running for president in America. The joke is on us. Donald Trump is winning in the polls, and it is now being googled "how to immigrate to Canada" by Americans. This is unbelievable that Americans are electing this crazy nut to run the White House. A large group of Americans are honestly considering moving over to Canada to escape the disaster about to unfold. Maybe it will be time for an American Revolution? I can't believe my eyes that Americans are electing a monkey and will be suffering the same fate as Egyptians did just 3 years ago... More

United - For the Better

Coptsunited | 26 October 2015
Everyone has heard about Pope Francis and Pope Tawadros meeting to discuss unifying the date of Easter between the two denominations. There is talk that the once separate event, will become on sacred holiday felt throughout the land. Think about how amazing it will be when the world of Christians unite together on the same evening to celebrate the same critically important subject: our salvation. I really am so excited for this step, and can't believe that we can put politics aside and unite under our mutual belief of Jesus our Saviour!.. More

Sisi for Peace?

Coptsunited | 11 September 2015
Recently, there was an article talking about how Sisi was nominated for a the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize. Based on his efforts to prevent danger when Egypt's citizens ousted Morsi back in June. Is this enough to warrant a high award such as this? I think there are more people who are working in not such a "public" position, doing alot more humanitarian efforts than Sisi. Although, I agree nomination and recognition for Sisi's work is acceptable, winning, would not be accurate... More

The Way We Were

Coptsunited | 25 May 2015
Do you think that the Revolution of 2011 has sent us backwards? Do you feel as though the economy is getting worse than better? Don't you find that you are hearing more and more about violent actions than other good news? I don't know what the solution is, but I can't help but wonder how things would be if we went back to the way we were. .. More

What's the point?

Coptsunited | 12 May 2015
It doesn't matter what country you live in, you will always face the same obstacles, just in different forms. Here we have violence and terrorism. The west has unbearable weather. The east has hurricanes. The United States gets tornadoes. It is clear that it is not the place that makes a person happy or not. Happiness comes from inside. So if you are unhappy, don't blame the country, because all countries have their own dilemmas.A.. More

ISIS; Shoe Fly Don't Bother Me

Coptsunited | 18 February 2015
ISIS: Killing innocent people? √ Making the world hate them? √ Being brainwashed to the point of insanity? √ Having the lifespan of a fly? 36 Hours? I hope so. .. More

Eternal Peace

Coptsunited | 7 January 2015
Tragically, there has been another attack on our church this year. A time when we are supposed to be celebrating the birth of our Saviour, we are mourning the loss of loved ones. I would like to point out wise words from Anba Angelos from England. "The worst thing that a Muslim can do to us, is not kill us, but make us hate them." I cannot imagine what those poor families are going through, losing their loved ones. Us, as Christians, under constant persecution should remember that God will come to judge the living and the dead. He will bring justice unto those who showed us injustice. The time is coming where all must pay for their wrong-doings. So hold your head up high. Jesus was born to save our souls, and He will come again to bring us eternal peace. .. More

A World of Darkness

Coptsunited | 23 December 2014
With all the daily tragedies happening right now on the streets, I can't help but wonder, how do we stay hopeful when we are up against a world of darkness?.. More

Time Heals All

Coptsunited | 3 December 2014
There is a saying that goes, "Time heals all things" I firmly believe that we have a great chance to change our country for the better. We have a strong leader, and he is fair to both Muslims and Christians who dwell together here. We just have to deal with these pesky Muslim Brotherhood members, like they are mosquitos trying to pick at us, but we just have to shu them away like the bugs that they are. I have hope that with time, Egypt will be a prosperous country again, and come to be known once again as the Mother of the World. .. More

Could Egypt Become Iraq?

Coptsunited | 30 October 2014
Looking around, I see the support for the Muslim Brotherhood grow stronger. I see religion turn into extremism. I see freedom of speech and dress being taken away by cultural and societal influence. .. More

To what End?

Coptsunited | 12 August 2014
You can travel anywhere in the world and will still find that ever so popular image of the Muslim woman covering her hair or her whole body. Europe, Canada, America all can see Arab Muslim tourists visiting the country, why? Because they enjoy the peace and calmn. .. More

American and Political islam

Others | 1 July 2014
One day, I was confident that Peace would prevail in the Middle East during my life and we would have the Arab/Israeli conflict behind us. How mistaken I was ! None of the parties of this conflict has been a peace seeker. While the Palestinians are tragically scattered, the religious Jews (in and out Israel) are intellectually far from the notion of co-existence that would be based on a just-settlement ... What a tragedy ! Another farce is that I once thought that the USA is in favor of a modern Arabic speaking ME !! If someone told me 20 years ago that the USA would be supportive to the rule of the MBs in Egypt, I would have thought that he/she can not be but but an insane person. As a result of these farces, we have to fight many parties including those whom we thought to be our strategic partners ! These realities urge me to think of "how king Hussein of Makkah felt when he realized how he was betrayed by those that he thought could not side with his Wahhabi enemy Abdul Aziz ibn Saud ! The difference between us and the poor King Hussein of Makkah is named Abdel Fattah el Sisi !.. More

American foolishness

Others | 27 June 2014
El Sisi refused a request from Obama to free al Jazeera journalists who did not respect the law of demonstrations. I wrote today about al Jazeera journalist who was arrested by the USA without a trial for four years (Yasser Alouni ). The USA is like a prostitute who does not stop talking about chastity !.. More

Prepare for..the best a man can do!

Coptsunited | 10 June 2014
I look across all social media and see rejoicing for the newly inagurated Sisi. Everyone seems so happy and so excited. I see statements talking about how he will be the saviour of Egypt, how he will bring everything back to peace and prosperity. I have only one fear. Sisi cannot escape the flaws of being human. When he makes mistakes (WHICH HE WILL) we cannot condemn him, we need to be encouraging and pateint. The way that I see it, is that we have real potential for a great President, but we also need to give him a chance to show what he can do for our country. .. More

What if?

Coptsunited | 27 May 2014
What if the elections went smoothly. What if the Egyptian people accepted the fate of the elections and were satisfied with the results? What if the Muslim Brotherhood stopped calling for boycotts and participated in the election? What if, by tomorrow, we had a new president who actually cared about the interests of the people? .. More

Jealous of America

Coptsunited | 31 March 2014
It seems that everywhere I turn, I see people blaming the United States. America is this huge big enemy. If there's anything wrong happening in any country, Ukraine, Egypt, Syria, Russia etc... the United States are the first to be blamed. We say, "look how they killed innocent civilians in Iraq, look how they did this and that.." Here's what I think. Everyone is looking to blame America because they are just jealous. Jealous of what you may ask? Jealous of the fact that American were ruthless and intelligent enough to become the strongest country in the world. Instead of blaming America for everything that's wrong in your life, why not think of ways your country can become strong too and be a contender on the world stage? Who cares if the US was the country supplying bullets. Do you really think people who wanted to massacre and shed blood wouldn't find any other means? Stop being naive. Stop taking the easy route. Take responsibility for the mess in your country and look at a viable solution, not a scapegoat to blame! .. More

US contradiction

Others | 5 March 2014
The USA invasion to Iraq in 2003 was a peaceful journey BUT the Russian intervention in Ukraine is evel !! Equally : what has been taking place in Egypt since July 3rd 2013 is anti human rights BUT what has been taking place in Guantanamo Bay is absolutely legitimate !!!.. More

Two persona

Others | 30 January 2014
I am made of two persona : the person who fell in love with philosophy, literature, history, political thoughts, classical music and art. A person who read in excess of 30,000 books and authored 32 books ... AND the person who studied and practiced modern.. More


Coptsunited | 3 September 2013
Have Morsi supporters been blind to what Morsi DID do in power for the past year? This is not about taking sides, it's about looking at actual facts. Morsi did not achieve any promises he made, and the most upsetting REALITY is the moment Morsi took power, he promised to listen to the voice of the people and step down if the people asked. Don't believe me? Take a look yourself!.. More