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Short But Not Sweet

Does anyone miss Sadat ?

Others | 11 July 2010
Mr. Abul Gheit does not know what he is doing, or even saying. This man has failed in everything he touched and try to do with the Palestinians, Africans,Arabs and even Turkey. We need a leader in this position !! The Egyptian diplomacy has failed in every this because Mubarak, or Mr. Abu Gheit ? You know , it .. More

Health in danger

Magdy Malak | 4 July 2010
The last statement launched by the chief of Egyptian association for liver cancer proclaimed that there is like 10.000 thousands per year being sick for liver cancer and it means that we live in disaster if the ratio will .. More

Praise to the living God

Others | 27 June 2010
This sounds so encouraging but is it very true really? As a christian i was really touched and yeah i believe jesus is the lord and he is alive.. More

It is about time !

Others | 23 June 2010
Challending this law is very important, not because it allows the Moslim courts to control, or try to control, Copts in Egypt, but it will make this case a sample of human rights and non constitunal laws , against.. More

Let's assume !!

Others | 20 June 2010
Let us, for one minute, believe the Interior Minister is correct and this young man did fail to carry out his military service ! and had a record of convictions !!let us also add that this man is a drug dealer !!! and .. More

Really this is not an issue of religion!

Others | 16 June 2010
Since the egyptian court seems to be so pro-freedom, let it interfere with muslim marriage and rule in favor of muslim women marrying up to 4 men. or is that tabu based on religious (islamic) belief. or let it limit the .. More

The Rule of Law

Others | 13 June 2010
Is any one surprised about what is happening in the Egyptian court system ? The fact of the matter is that there is' no rule of law in Egypt'. From history, I will give you a story during the Britsh rule in Egypt...This is a story about a few farmers that attacked British soldiers ond one of them was killed...!.. More

What can I say ?

Others | 9 June 2010
This is the result of the " Lack of leadership" in Egypt. Since 1952 Egypt had no leaders, except for Sadat, all the so- called leaders were busy trying to make names for themselves and never did care about EGYPT. Nasser was the most over rated man in all the whole World. Egypt is the most unique country in the world, .. More


Coptsunited | 6 June 2010
The Church respects the freedom rights of those who want to divorce outside the Church, therefore, those who want to divorce should respect the Church's freedom rights as well. If a man divorces his wife, the Church does not force him to take her back, therefore such a man has no right to force the Church to .. More

What Laws !!

Others | 2 June 2010
Would the Moslims that live in Christian countries obey the law of the land ? All over Europe they want to apply the "Shariah" law !! So what law should they obey ? In Egypt they want Islamic Laws, in Europe they .. More

This is not new !!

Others | 30 May 2010
These holagans , that left their Middle Eatern countries were they had no shoes to wear and no toilet seats to use. They came to Sweden, they live off the people of Sweden and abuse the system. Can you tell me, .. More

Arab and Europe

Others | 26 May 2010
The Arabs in Europe are not polite and considerate. That what they learned from their profit. Switzerland, did not stop building mousques, they stopped building the minerates !!! I would like the Wahabi regime to allow Christians to built churches without the minerates, but allas !!.. More

Pray For Peace !

Others | 23 May 2010
God Bless you Michael and may all the people suffering in Egypt get through this tough time ! Please God and St Mary and all the Saints to please watch over and protect the Chiristians suffering in Egypt and being wrongly executed ! I also pray that no more innocent Christians will be killed and no more will suffer wrongly at the hands of others !.. More


Others | 19 May 2010
Body Education in the 40 and 50 was an honor and a goal, Egyptian students worked hard to go through collage snd graduate to be important and useful part of the education is a joke since Nasser the destroyed the education system by giving free !!! Even drs in Egypt have no class or honor due to .. More

The crime

Magdy Malak | 16 May 2010
The increase of the crime last months in Egyptian society refers to increase of the lack of law and the role of security in the country but not just that but also refers to the economic crisis in Egypt which lead people to commit this crimes . I think if the political regime doesn't move forward to word real political and economical reform a disaster will happen and in that time no one can blame the nation ... More

Nidal Hassan

Others | 9 May 2010
Nidal hassan was an arab. And i think he was very angry by the terroism in iraq an afghanistan by american troops so it was his response i say if american government changes their polcies and come out of the muslims areas this can be solved other wise remember muslims are muslims they will hit u in ur homes think twice america war is going to be started. .. More

Learn for History !!

Others | 4 May 2010
We the Copts have to learn for History !! There was nothing more powerful than the British Empire..they treated the Indian people worse that the moslims treat the Copts. Gandy was able to get rid of the British peacefully all we need is a leader to use civil disobident... More


Others | 2 May 2010
Mubarak is busy solving the Palestinian problems waisting our time and energy and monies with the Palestinian bastards...He has no time for the Copts..he has no time for Egypt. These people Mubarak does .. More


Coptsunited | 28 April 2010
If we didn't stand in the face of ofend and oppression we'll exspose to more violant attacks, i plead with pop shinoda to take a seriouce step and not to fear any body , but god ... More

The truth

Coptsunited | 25 April 2010
the truth is that we do not know who we are.are we christians as jesus said or are we jewish as the old testament said.the problem is that we use the new testamet at one stage and then switch to old testament .. More

This is Egypt

Others | 21 April 2010
Jesus Christ will never leave you in such situation .. he can protect us and help us as he helped Joseph and other saints from danger... with the help of our Holy virgin Mother Mary and saints, ya will be protected ... God bless ya always .. More