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Rights groups protest over Egypt emergency law

Others | 16 May 2010
Egyptian human rights groups Thursday protested over the renewal of a decades-old emergency law, fearing it could be used to influence the outcome of elections in Egypt over the next two years .. More

Egypt queries legality of Nile accord

Others | 16 May 2010
Egypt has legal evidence to prove its rights in the Nile water. However, these rights should be gained through dialogue with.. More

Egypt to investigate Daimler bribery case

Others | 16 May 2010
Not all good things happen in a good way. According to the Egyptian cabinet, they are now investigating charges made in a U.S. court that Daimler AG used bribes in order to get business favors in Egypt, said More

Egypt court releases 11 MB leaders

Others | 13 May 2010
Egypt's Cairo Court ordered Monday to release a member of the Egyptian opposition Muslim Brotherhood (MB) movement's Guidance Bureau Osama Nasr Eddin, along with ten other group members in Beheira. .. More

Electoral committee begins vetting shoura council candidates

Others | 13 May 2010
CAIRO: The Supreme Electoral Commission overseeing the upcoming Shoura Council elections began the vetting process Monday for the applications of potential candidates... More

Egypt to extend the emergency law

Others | 12 May 2010
Egyptian Government called the parliament Tuesday for an extension of Egypt's controversial emergency law for two years, but restricting it during this period to terrorism and drugs trafficking crimes and with some new limitations on police powers.. More

Orascom inks Mobinil pact

Others | 12 May 2010
Orascom Telecom's executive chairman said the firm's Djezzy unit head met with the Algerian finance minister on Monday, but declined to comment further on a wider asset sale Algeria has jeopardised. .. More

Egypt Islamists to stand trial for money laundering

Others | 11 May 2010
Four Egyptians and a Saudi national are to stand trial in Egypt on June 14 on charges of money laundering and funding the banned Muslim Brotherhood, a judicial source told AFP on Sunday... More

6 April Mov responds to Egypt president speech

Others | 11 May 2010
The 6 April Youth movement issued a statement Friday in response to the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's Labor Day speech, saying the president has repeated the same slogans for the past 30 years.. More

Trial of activist sparks protest in Cairo

Others | 10 May 2010
Scores of political activists on Saturday staged a protest in the centre of the Egyptian capital Cairo against the detention and the trial of a pro-reform demonstrator, and called for his release... More

Egyptian cultural clash

Others | 10 May 2010
The social fabric of the Egyptian society can hardly be described today as coherent because of the noticeable rifts, which are widening between different societal strata. .. More

Two Egyptian peacekeepers killed in Darfur

Others | 9 May 2010
Two peacekeepers from Egypt, working for the joint United Nations-African Union mission in Darfur (UNAMID), were killed in an ambush yesterday by gunmen, reports say... More

Investment minister says no more sell-offs of public companies

Others | 9 May 2010
CAIRO: Investment Minister Mahmoud Mohieddin announced a halt to sell-offs of public sector companies Wednesday, saying that such companies will remain in government hands regardless of whether or not they are making a profit... More

Egypt to delay subsidy restructuring

Others | 9 May 2010
Egypt's senior government official said that the government will postpone its plan to restructure subsidies for principle commodities due to the Ministry of Finance's refusal to provide more than LE70 millions required for the new plan.. More

US report on religious freedom puts egypt on ‘watch list’

Others | 6 May 2010
CAIRO: A newly released report by a United States government panel says Egypt .. More

Ptolemaic king statue found in Egypt

Others | 6 May 2010
Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities Zahi Hawass reported on Tuesday that Egypt's Archaeologists discovered a headless granite statue more than 2,000 years old belonging to an unidentified Ptolemaic-era king.. More

Egypt needs better water use - expert

Others | 5 May 2010
Egypt needs to cut water waste and use new technology in agriculture and other fields to support its case for the lion share of the Nile's resources over other African states, a global water expert said... More

Cops scuffle with protesters in Cairo

Others | 5 May 2010
Scores of political activists, including 30 legislators, staged a protest in central Cairo Monday to call for.. More

Mideast ‘proximity’ talks tackled in Egypt

Others | 4 May 2010
Palestinian-Israeli indirect talks, expected to start within a few days, were discussed on Monday at a meeting between President Hosni Mubarak and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh... More

Egypt Tagammu party to field 12 Shura candidates

Others | 4 May 2010
Egyptian leftist Tagammu Party has raised the number of candidates it plans to field in upcoming elections for Egypt's Shura Council from nine to 12.. More

Politicians incite workers' protests – Gov't

Others | 3 May 2010
Minister of Manpower and Immigration Aisha Abdel-Hadi said Saturday political blocs were inciting Egyptian workers to hold strikes and protests, stressing that using the workers' card in politics could "lead to serious repercussions". .. More