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Short But Not Sweet

Learn for History !!

Others | 4 May 2010
We the Copts have to learn for History !! There was nothing more powerful than the British Empire..they treated the Indian people worse that the moslims treat the Copts. Gandy was able to get rid of the British peacefully all we need is a leader to use civil disobident... More


Others | 2 May 2010
Mubarak is busy solving the Palestinian problems waisting our time and energy and monies with the Palestinian bastards...He has no time for the Copts..he has no time for Egypt. These people Mubarak does .. More


Coptsunited | 28 April 2010
If we didn't stand in the face of ofend and oppression we'll exspose to more violant attacks, i plead with pop shinoda to take a seriouce step and not to fear any body , but god ... More

The truth

Coptsunited | 25 April 2010
the truth is that we do not know who we are.are we christians as jesus said or are we jewish as the old testament said.the problem is that we use the new testamet at one stage and then switch to old testament .. More

This is Egypt

Others | 21 April 2010
Jesus Christ will never leave you in such situation .. he can protect us and help us as he helped Joseph and other saints from danger... with the help of our Holy virgin Mother Mary and saints, ya will be protected ... God bless ya always .. More


Magdy Malak | 18 April 2010
Today all of Copts are waiting for justice to the innocent people were killed in Naga Hamaadi , in the case which known as " Kamony issue " who accused by killing the innocent Christians in Naga Hamaadi .Most probably the judge will delay the case to a next time so we are all as Christians will be waiting for that next time and will never give up to know the truth ... More

Thanks to America

Others | 11 April 2010
This happened becuase of the USA....without the Clinton Administration the moslims woulkd have been thrown out of Europe...Due the Christian faith the moslims willflorish in Europe...! .. More

We stand by you

Others | 7 April 2010
I wish both of the boys and very Happy Eastern and I am sure next year they will be celeberating together as Christians. I do believe that God have chosen them to fight for millions of Christain childrens for years to .. More

Any hope

Others | 4 April 2010
Britain , a former sign and leader of christianity, have now become the favorite fortress where any Muslim Fundamentalist can hide ,live and settle peacefully to set plans and more plans for more Islamic terror and destruction to achieve the everlasting dream of all Muslims all over the world with no exceptions of dominating the world. .. More

Prayer Vigil

Others | 24 March 2010
Being present at the Vigil last Friday I found it to be a night where only the most heartless could not feel compassion for the persecuted Copts in Egypt. The only thing I could fault was there should have been .. More

Who care first

Others | 21 March 2010
What happens to the Copts is not strange.first before we are condmning the state of not caring of the Christians we must scrutinize what happens inside our churches , why priests don't do their mission perfectly. for instant, i'm a widow and i live alone. no priest have ever think to ask about me or help me... More


Others | 14 March 2010
Till when mubarek will rule Egypt 82 years are very enough to him he should leave to give chance to a will qualifed egyptian in all aspects to replace him except his sun least I say enough......enough....enough.. More

Political debate

Magdy Malak | 7 March 2010
After what Mr. president have said in his visiting to Germany that Mr Al-Bardie could candidate himself to the presidential election according to the current constitution so it means exactly that Mr.President tells Al-.. More

Voting for El-Baradei

Others | 28 February 2010
A constitutional amendment is a must and I'm backing El-Baradei and hopefully we will see the rotten regime vanished from Egypt, 29 years is more than enough; Egyptian people deserves better all of us looking forward for better life. Thank you Baradei for giving us the hope... More

No way

Others | 21 February 2010
After the sectarian events happened in El-Saf village after few days from Nagaa Hammadi events prove that there is no way to stop such sectarian events without change the culture that push Muslims to express their .. More


Others | 14 February 2010
Few years ago this incident happened in los angelos at 1992 a black man his name Rodney king has a criminal record ,American police officers suspected may be he committed .. More

Ethnic cleansing

Others | 10 February 2010
Indeed i believe without any doubt that the copts of egypt are in grave condition ,they have to wake up long time ago ,what we have in egypt is really ethnic cleansing,the goal is to whipe out all the christian .. More

Sadat is to blame

Others | 7 February 2010
Anwar el-sadaty before his assasination had issued very funny and miserable law ,he called it (elaieb law),every day when i remember that stupid law i laugh very much,the tragedy is we still have( elaieb law) .. More

Do not be Mislead

Others | 3 February 2010
That is misleading.To walk in the streets of Cairo,like the Swedish Embassador is doing,is No reflection on real life.The reality is Christians are Completely banned from joining Amn El Dawla,top Police and Army .. More


Others | 31 January 2010
Pray to God that the Egyptian Islamic groups take over in Egypt. The reason why is that they are already working and doing horrible persecution to the Copts in Egypt. When they are in power, it would be easy .. More

Bad luck

Others | 27 January 2010
There is no question that egypt is under heavy curse and severe bad luck because of their corrupt and retarded poiticians for the last half century,i agree that el-sadaty was the founder of our mess,he was .. More