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Egypt's shoot-to-kill MPs rapped

Others | 21 April 2010
An opposition party and a group of human rights groups have said they will ask Egypt's Chief Prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud to order an investigation into calls attributed to three lawmakers to fire at demonstrators. .. More

NDP pulls the plug on presidential vote

Others | 21 April 2010
Secretary-General of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) Safwat el-Sherif has said the party’s candidate for the 2011 presidential elections would not be disclosed before the end of this year, setting this year's parliamentary polls as a priority... More

Egyptians boycott red meat

Others | 20 April 2010
Egyptians have started a red meet boycott in response to calls of consumer protection organisations in different governorates, aimed at reducing the price of meat which has risen astronomically... More

Egypt Front party boycotts next elections

Others | 20 April 2010
Egypt's Democratic Front party announced that it will boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections because of the absence of judicial oversight.. More

Barakat denies inappropriate gesture

Others | 19 April 2010
Al-Ahly midfielder Mohamed Barakat categorically denied raising his middle finger after scoring the Red Devils' third equalizer in Friday's Cairo derby with Zamalek. .. More

Egypt ElBaradei association files complaint

Others | 19 April 2010
The lawyer for the coordinator of ElBaradei's campaign in Kuwait filed a report with the Attorney General yesterday against the Egyptian Interior Minister, the head of Daqahliya security and the judicial officer at the Meet Ghamr police station.. More

US denies Baradei meetings

Others | 18 April 2010
The US Department of State denied Saturday there were plans for a meeting between former chief of the UN nuclear watchdog Mohamed ElBaradei and any US official during the former's current visit to Washington... More

Barakat gives Ahli a thrilling 3-3 draw with Zamalek

Others | 18 April 2010
Zamalek fans had their hopes of a clear victory against arch-rivals Al-Ahly thrashed in a last minute goal by Mohamed Barakat, which saw the final score tied at 3-3... More

Cairo denies any decisions over Nile water share

Others | 18 April 2010
Egyptian authorities have denied the reports saying that the Nile Basin countries had taken any decision over without the approval of Cairo and Khartoum. .. More

Egypt detain protestor amid scuffles

Others | 15 April 2010
CAIRO - Egyptian police detained one protester and scuffled with others among a group of about 200 demonstrating .. More

Egypt NDP discusses minimum wage with PM

Others | 15 April 2010
Gamal Mubarak attended Sunday his first meeting with members of the ruling National Democratic Party's executive committee following the Egyptian President Mubarak's successful surgery in Germany last month.. More

Egypt warns of Mideast N-race

Others | 14 April 2010
Egypt's Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit has warned of a possible nuclear race between Iran and Israel in the Middle East, demanding, however, that there should be no restrictions on states seeking peaceful usage of nuclear power... More

Roman mummy discovered in Egypt

Others | 14 April 2010
Egypt's Antiquities Council announced on Monday that Egyptian archaeologists unearthed a Roman mummy entombed.. More

Kuwait’s deportation of Egyptians slammed

Others | 13 April 2010
Around 15 Egyptian women, flanked by dozens of riot policemen protested a few blocks from the Kuwaiti embassy in Cairo on Sunday over the deportation of around 21 Egyptian supporters of the former chief of the UN nuclear watchdog Mohamed ElBaradei by Kuwaiti authorities... More

Egypt to offset medical insurance budget shortfalls

Coptsunited | 13 April 2010
Egypt's Minister of Health Hatem el Gabali said Sunday that the Egyptian government was currently taking measures to offset the state-run Medical Insurance Authority's budget deficit by doubling medical insurance subscription fees--from LE4 to LE8--and levying a 10-percent tax on cigarette sales.. More

Kuwait arrests ElBaradei supporters

Others | 12 April 2010
KUWAIT CITY — Kuwait has arrested more than 20 supporters of leading pro-reform Egyptian activist and former UN nuclear .. More

Ancient Egypt comes back to life

Others | 12 April 2010
‘UNBELIEVABLE’ is the word that best describes his works, a new incarnation of Ancient Egyptian history. Obsessed with the notion of Egyptian identity, he is deeply inspired by the Ennead of Egyptian mythology (the nine gods, Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys), which is why you can find them disguised in his paintings. .. More

Foreign Ministry responds to U.S. criticism over protest arrests

Others | 11 April 2010
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry is angry at U.S. criticism over the arrest this week of dozens of pro-democracy demonstrators who marched outside parliament on Tuesday to call for constitutional reforms ahead of the 2011 presidential elections. .. More

Court revokes decision to sell Mobinil

Others | 11 April 2010
An Egyptian court Saturday has upheld a verdict that prevents France Telecom SA from gaining full control of the Egyptian Co. for Mobile Services, allowing Orascom Telecom Holding SAE to keep its stake in the Egyptian company... More

Egyptian man climbs the pyramid of Khafre and fails to get off

Others | 11 April 2010
Egyptian man failed to get out of the pyramid of Khafre 136.4 meters high, after climbing On Thursday for Photography. .. More

Egypt releases April 6 protesters

Others | 8 April 2010
CAIRO - Egypt's Public Prosecutor Wednesday ordered the release of 33 protesters detained for demonstrating against the Government and the 30-year-old enforcement of Emergency Law. .. More