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“Revolution Muslim” Brothers Preach Radical Islam In Manhattan

Others | 7 November 2009

Inside the sleek, modernistic house of worship located in Manhattan, Imam Shamsi Ali preaches against the violence that now sweeps many Muslim countries,

“What we try to do is reminding our people about the real Islam,” Ali said. “We tell them what the real Islam is all about. Islam is about peace. Islam is about moderation. Islam is about friendship. Islam is opposed to any kind of hatred against anybody.”

Outside the mosque, another side of Islam is being preached.  Called the brothers of the “Revolution Muslim,” they are spreading a gospel of hate and intolerance. 

CNN stated: “Muslim converts like Yousef al-Khattab and Younes Abdullah Mohammed preach that the killing of U.S. troops overseas is justified. In their thinking, so were the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States — and so are attacks on almost any American.”

“Americans will always be a target — and a legitimate target — until America changes its nature in the international arena,” Mohammed said in an interview. 

According to CNN, Al-Khattab and Mohammed consider al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden their model. “I love him like I can’t begin to tell you, because he doesn’t seem to have done anything wrong from the sharia,” al-Khattab said, referring to Islamic law. “If you’re asking me if I love him as a Muslim, I love him more than I love myself.”

Protected by the Constitution of the country they detest, these vermin routinely and carefully push against the line of the First Amendment rights, but their message is not unnoticed by law enforcement officials.

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