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  • Thursday ,28 November 2013

Who is the real Egyptian Rebel?

Michel Fahmy

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Thursday ,28 November 2013

Who is the real Egyptian Rebel?

After a strong debate, protest law was passed by the presidency in order to save what can be saved in Egypt and stop its destruction. Soon, human rights activists decided to demonstrat in front of the Shura Council, giving a real test for the sovereignty of the state. However, such act was strongly supported by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yet, police have applied the law and dispersed the demonstrations, and many activists were arrested. Many people saw stability in Egypt coming at hand after those fake rebels were caught. 
True rebels should respect the law and help police save their country. They shouldn’t support the enemies of the country. True rebels shouldn’t be among those who trade on human rights. They should fight all those traitors, not fight against the Egyptian army and insult it.
In fact, true rebels should visit families of the martyrs of police and army, not to cry over them in TV talk shows.
Those who mourn human rights in private channels, forgetting about their countries, should remember the sins of the Muslim Brotherhood whom they are defending right now. Wake O Egyptian people!