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  • Monday ,11 November 2013

Letter to Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

By-Samir Habashy



Monday ,11 November 2013

Letter to  Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

 The Hon. Scott Morrison MP

Parliament house
Dear Minister
I am writing on behalf of the Copts who are in Australia, who represent more than 90% of the citizens who are of Egyptian origin.
Egypt's Copts the never ending story which It started since the Arab armies invaded Egypt ..And gave Copts three choices, to convert to Islam, or pay tribute " gezya " , which was large even for the normal individual can not pay, the third choice is beheaded by the sword.
However days in succession on Egypt's rulers carry out Islamic law and that the first of its clauses demolished or burned churches, secondly not appoint a Christian in any position makes him prime for a Muslim , It also became a Christian does not have a right of citizenship such as a Muslim has but became treats third degree as a citizen. 
He also gave the Muslim person the right to kill him and no Trial to  the killer  according to the notion of  verse in the Koran "does not kill a Muslim who kill the infidel". 
Unfortunately, things go on this way Coptic Christians killed, wronged, tortured, forced Convert to Islam, and kidnap their wives and daughters and forcibly converted to Islam to humiliate the Copts ..The Copts of Egypt with each new ruler are hoping that their situation will improve, but it was always from bad to worse. 
In modern history, in spite of the presence of the United Nations and human rights organizations, but the case remained the same, It has happened in the days of Gamal Abdel Nasser, and also in the days of Sadat , It happened with Mubarak, It happens with Morsy , It happened under Pope Shenouda’s guidance… It will continue under Pope Tawadros’ papacy . It happened during that revolution (1919), and after that revolution (1952). It happened during this revolution (2011), and it continues to happen after the revolution (2013)… And it will continue to happen.
But WHY attacks against Copts never ending   ?
Because : - " some of the reasons "
there are not enough efforts from the international community to pay close attention to the issue. Small organizations can only do so much.
Regardless of who holds power, or who guides the Coptic Church, the attacks against the oldest Christian community in the Middle East will not cease for as long as radicalism and ignorance continue to grow. Egypt, like many other countries, have the elements to sustain its population, and to provide safety to Egyptians as a whole and regardless of their religion. However, and just like many other countries, Egypt finds itself in the hands of inexperienced and tyrant rulers.
• The  judges whom gives full innocence to anyone who killed the Christian as happened in Koshah " where 21 copts were killed " Still the head of his court.
• The Islamic shariaa  still the main item in the Egyptian constitution .
• Quran itself, which they  believe in it all the Islamic country ordering them to kill non-Muslims, which they call him an infidel , you  will be surprised if you knew the number of verses which ordered Muslims to kill non-Muslims
• The remnants of the Brotherhood will never forget to the Copts of Egypt that  they came out with the Muslims topple  to demand removal of the statue of ignorance and arrogance, injustice named Mohammed Morsy Elayat . And everyone knows  they are people of revenge and hatred?.. 
As a result of these reasons which will remain Christian of Egypt faced  the following after the first week of the fall of Morsy, which represents the Muslim Brotherhood. 
six Coptic churches suffered attacks this month. A Christian is found beheaded several days after being kidnapped by Muslim extremists . A Christian 'infidel' is kidnapped and executed by Muslim terrorists . Islamic gunmen murder a Coptic priest . 14 Copts were killed so far and more than forty houses burned . The fear of Copts continues to grow. The absence of laws to protect minorities throughout Egypt decreases by the minute. But most horrifying is the fact that lack of education and tolerance are in bloom in the new Egypt. That new Egypt taken by an older stubborn generation after the young political dreamers opened new doors during Jan 25 for a better Egypt that seems far from becoming a reality  
This report is a simplified explanation of the conditions of the Copts of Egypt so that no one be fooled and think that any change in government in Egypt is in favor of the Copts
The president of the Australian Coptic Association