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  • Friday ,08 November 2013

Salafi and Shiite leaders exchange hateful statements


Copts and Poliltical Islam


Friday ,08 November 2013

Salafi and Shiite leaders exchange hateful statements

CAIRO:  Statements made by Vice President of the Salafi Da’wah Yasser Borhami regarding non-stop efforts by Salafis to fight the spread of the Shia ideology in Egypt caused a war of words between him and Shia leader Ahmed Rassem al-Nafis, who in turn said that terrorism based on the Wahabi ideology, which is what Salafism is based on, represents a threat to society.

In an official statement released on Wednesday, Borhami said, “We never stopped exposing the threat of the Shia ideology and its members.”
While the Shia leader Nafis responded in a statement to Youm7 by saying, “What they refer to as fighting the Shias is a way for the Wahabis to collect money from countries that sponsor their ideology.”
On June 23, four Shia leaders were beaten to death and publicly lynched by a mob that was allegedly instigated by Salafi preachers.