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  • Thursday ,07 November 2013

Save “Rebel”!

Osama Salama

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Thursday ,07 November 2013

Save “Rebel”!

The most dangerous thing in the Egyptian political scene is the division within “Rebel” movement, which reached mutual accusations of corruption and receiving funds from foreign countries. Such divisions comes in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and makes them very happy as they see the movement that overthrew them collapsing. However, such unexpected success for the movement made many politicians hasten to join the movement after they refused to in the beginning.

Many people have joined the movement in order to add to its pure young leaders who added to its credibility away from the professional politicians. 
At the beginning, everyone was sure of the sincerity of these young people and their good intentions. Their  overwhelming patriotism and love for their country was unquestionable. Therefore, they succeeded in spite of many attempts of the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy the movement and accuse it of betrayal and treason. Yet, the Egyptian people never believed them.
However, members of the movement are giving the Muslim Brotherhood the chance that they wanted after the young people of rebel movement waged war against each other. Each patriot person should try to stop this battle within “Rebel” movement. Destroying their nice picture would not only help the Muslim Brotherhood, but will also affect Egypt very badly.