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  • Thursday ,31 October 2013

It’s the spirit of Christianity!

Rev. Ayman Louis

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Thursday ,31 October 2013

It’s the spirit of Christianity!
I was surprised upon reading the article of Mr. Suleiman Goda published in Al-Masry Alyoum newspaper on October 22 under the title “Eat Your Heart Out” in which he said that the Copts have proved once again their loyalty and love for the nation after Warraq terrorist attack. However, he said that the Coptic Christians have proved to be much closer to “the spirit of Islam”!
This was also said more than a hundred years ago by Imam Mohammad Abdu upon visiting Europe. He said that he saw the spirit of Islam in the Christian countries. This happened as he was astonished by their urbanization, civilization, respect, honesty, freedom of speech and accuracy. 
I wonder how come they attributed such ethics and morals of the Christians in Egypt and Europe for Islam! How come they don’t realize Christianity is the reason behind such forgiveness and love of the Christians! How come they don’t say the truth, and only attribute nice things to their Islam? Well, doing so won’t take away your pride in Islam.
I tell them that we only receive nice words from Muslims, but not nice practices. Yet, we preach the beauty of our Christianity by deeds as we are not allowed to preach it by words.
Stop taking pride in your religion, and start doing the good things you have always been talking about.
Your Sheikhs have insulted us and cursed us. Yet, we showed you love and respect. They incited against us, but we always bless you! They said we are infidels and killed us, yet we held our peace following our bible that tells us that people would glorify our heavenly father if they see our good deeds.
Dear Mr. Suleiman, you have been talking about the spirit of Christianity that teaches us to accept the others and love them. We pray that you may know the truth that may set you free as your are not so perfect as you might think.