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  • Thursday ,10 October 2013

Coptic sorrows between victory and massacre

Naim Youssef

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Thursday ,10 October 2013

Coptic sorrows between victory and massacre

It seems that the fate of the Copts is to suffer many sorrows at their feasts and occasions. At the beginning of a new year, they remember bombing the Saints Church in Alexandria, and the attacks of Nag Hamady at Christmas. At Easter, they receive many threats as well just for being “Copts”!

This is clearly added to their daily suffering of sectarian incidents and persecution all over Egypt, which increase their bitterness and pain. Such pain is but a reward they receive for their patriotism, tolerance, and readiness to sacrifice their souls and properties for the sake of their country.
Such bitterness follow the Copts at the national holidays and occasions that they have this mixed feelings of great joy for their country, and great pain for the anniversary of the killing of their brothers as well. Such pain become even greater when they watch the killers of their brothers honored enjoying the front seats in the national celebrations instead of being in prison.
Everyone understands that leaders of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces in Egyptian army have been changed. Therefore, the Copts are appreciating the new leaders and demand the former ones to stand trial for their crimes. 
In fact, the Copts do understand the current surroundings in their country and the challenges Egypt is facing. However, would the country appreciate such understanding and prosecute their killers?