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  • Wednesday ,09 October 2013

A veiled atheistic!

Moomen Sallam

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Wednesday ,09 October 2013

A veiled atheistic!
The veils became so common in Egypt as a religious symbol by the seventies of the last century. Yet, it became more of a phenomenon in 2001 with the advent of the Islamic preacher Amr Khaled, who made “the veil worn by Muslim women” his main cause. He ignored all its conditions and encouraged all Muslim girls to cover their heads. He made it so simple that most Muslim girls covered the head as long as they could maintain their beauty and keep up with latest fashion lines. 
As this phenomenon spread, the veil became an imposition on the Muslim girls even if they don’t practice Islam! This made many girls wear hijab even if they smoke and drink in secret.
Soon, the girls had to wear hijab in order to preserve the honor of her father and brother before our masculine society. Wearing hijab also became one condition to find a marriage partner. Thus, many mothers had to impose it on their daughters hoping they would be able to find a husband. Schools also have participated in spreading hijab among the students through a huge number of Islamic teachers.
Extremism has spread among the Egyptian teachers, who imposed the veil on the students and persecuted those “degenerate” who don’t wear it. Now the Islamic current brags that 80 percent of the Egyptian women are veiled instead of concentrating on education or any other national issue. Furthermore, they used such phenomenon to tell America how they control the Egyptian street.
However, many girls have decided to refuse such religious despotism practiced by society against them. They shove on so hot and tight clothing, yet with a veil on the head! 
It was very important for many of them to uncover their mind. Thus, they embraced many ideas and ideologies including secularism, communism, socialism, atheism, liberalism and so on. Dear Egyptians who believe that the hijab is a symbol of honor, chastity, religion and piety, there are many veiled women who smoke drugs, drink and prostitute! It’s not as you might think.
In fact, having many non-religious veiled women is a big slap on the face of our society that cares about the appearance of religiosity more than the religion itself. Such paradoxical community can never develop or progress.