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  • Friday ,27 September 2013

Identity Conflict and Heaven's Gatekeeper

Naim Youssef

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Friday ,27 September 2013

Identity Conflict and Heaven's Gatekeeper
The world was turned upside down when the 50-members committee to amend the 2012 constitution decided to amend Article III, and replace “Christians and Jews can resort to their religious laws” by “Non-Muslims resort to their religious laws”. Here we may recognize some Egyptian citizens struggling to live free in their own country, and those have all the right to do so.
On the other hand, we may find Bishop Paula trying to keep the word “Christians” in order to avoid having them nameless in their constitution. However, many people need to add “Non-Muslims” to defend their right to exist including Baha'is, Shiites and atheists.
There is another team who think they are Heaven's Gatekeeper and they are but gods to allow or prevent people from entering the kingdom of heaven. They think they’re the only people who have truth. Thus, they can sentence anybody to death! Salafis lead this group trying to destroy the road map and divide the community based on religion, in order to appear as defending their religion and get many votes in the upcoming elections. This made Al-Azhar try to do the same and avoid giving non-Muslims any rights, not to lose credit for that.
Then comes the statement of Bishop Armia that doesn’t differ much from those of Al-Azhar and the Salafis! Moreover, he refused to give some rights to other Christian sects like the Adventists, forgetting about him being in their shoes under the Muslim Brotherhood just few months ago.
Unfortunately, the self-appointed Heaven's Gatekeeper have not only decided to allow and prevent people from entering heaven, but also to prevent them from being free in their own country. They forgot that their role is to preach Islam or Christianity, rather than to eliminate all nonbelievers or even kill them!