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  • Monday ,23 September 2013

Can you change?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,23 September 2013

Can you change?
You were born in a Christian, Jewish, Muslim or even a Hindu family within Indians and were taught Indian traditions and religion so you believe in the Hindu religion! Can I or you or the best religious clerics and priests convince you to change your religion?
Let us be frank and going straight to the point without any discriminations to any people or co-citizens none but the Muslim religion acknowledge or accepts the other religions, Jews see the only valid religion is that of Jews and still awaiting for Jesus who will bring the world to its final destination when all the world will see Jesus and God! 
Christians on the other hand know that Jesus came and liberated the world from the sin of Adam. They acknowledge on the other hand the existence of Jews as a religion but incomplete religion as its people believe in ½ of the world of God and hope that someday they will recognise their error!
On the other hand Muslims just like Christians believe that both Jews and Christians believe in 1/3 of the world of God!
On the other hand you do not have to have a religion to believe in it Atheists believe that all all prophets were just people like me and you and gained popularity and followers they called themselves Jews or Christians! 
Is there a God or not who is right or wrong this is not the purpose of this article not it is a religious one, but its only purpose is to illustrate how difficult it is when you were born and raised on certain principals you believe in them deep inside you, and it is impossible to confess even between you and yourself  that you might be wrong! Moreover, if for some reason you faith in you principals is shaken and doubts about them raised you will never be able to face yourself or family or society! Tradition and customs are strong, and you need immense strength to face your people with a change of heart and this is really very RARE.
Can you Convert?
I do not call for conversion, I do not expect who reads this article to change religion from Jews to any other religion all I try to say is how difficult it is to change believes raised deep inside you! Even in best shut situation if you ready to convert you can not due to traditions!
Having said all of the above and taking it seriously in consideration, let me tale a look back in Egypt deep in recent history when Ex-president Nasser clashed with Muslim Brotherhood he executed killers,and booked a lot of them in prison! Great Egypt was spared their -Muslim Brotherhood- evil acts!
Come ex-president Sadat, who initially was a member of Muslim Brotherhood and participated in the killing of British hi commissioner killing and prosecuted and penalized and did his penalty! Sadat, due to historical ties -being ex-Muslim Brotherhood member- or political stress due to communist political pressure on Egypt or Nasser new wave political pressure and social pressure as economy stress start raising its impact he decided to free Muslim Brotherhood young people hopping to become allies because he freed them but the results come opposite his expectations and they the people who freed them from jail assassinated him!
Muslim Brotherhood is not a party, is not political vision or underground secret party, it is a RELISION, people born and raised on certain principals they believe inn them just like a religion. Sadat expectations that these released youth  of Muslim Brotherhood might in the future review their principals and review their stance was a totally wrong expectation as those young people Sadat time are the leader of today's Muslim Brotherhood. It is a religion and I showed at the beginning how difficult it is to change or convert from you initial religion not just because deep inside yourself you believe you are right, but as well for different reasons I stated them in my introduction
I rest my cause I hope I did send a message to those politicians that call for social reform and peace with the people that terrorised Egyptians and try their best shut to make another Syria from Egypt those politicians are not better brains than R.I.P. Sadat, or any other main aster mind who thinks he can redirect or gain those people to his side!
Muslim Brotherhood is a religion who believes he can convert them he can try on his own free time away from Egypt and Egyptians! And God Bless Egypt and Egyptians!