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  • Friday ,20 September 2013

America Finally Gave Up

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,21 September 2013

America Finally Gave Up

Finally after 2 months of the June 30th Revolution, Obama has announced that Morsy was governing Egypt in the wrong way. After just 2 months passed by, Obama gave up in return of the Egyptians' will, although all the pressures were practiced by America and their allies. Obama would never reach this conclusion without being sure with his administration that there was no way to keep supporting terrorism in Egypt.

I believe that all countries will follow the States in admitting the reality in Egypt, but this is not enough, all people in charge in Egypt now should increase their efforts to convince the world with what happened on the 30th of June.
 The Government should take quick steps to achieve the road map the army put on the 3rd of July and that includes amending the constitution, a new parliament election and a new presidential election as fast as possible.
The June 30th revolution will not succeed until all these steps finish because these steps will lead us to a new reality that no one can set back. The Prime Minister and all his Ministers should work in that not just efficiently but also very fast, because the more fast the government is, the more success it will achieve.
The world now is looking to Egypt to see what will happen, and if Egypt will suceed in the road map or not. Egypt now faces great challenges beginning with the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations and strikes, security, high prices for goods, which increase every day, which affect the low class, minimum wage which represents a very important issue to most Egyptians and the rights of the Revolution Martyrs. 
Without being able to notice and work in all of these challenges we will not be able to cross this important stage in Egypt’s life. We should recognize that we will not be able to succeed with just aids coming from different Arab countries but we need to work very hard in improving the economic situation in Egypt.
The Government should work hard in decreasing the deficit which is reaching more than 240 Billion pounds. Without working in that we will not be able to achieve any progress in the economy. Improving the economic situation will help with no doubts to be independent in our political decisions so will we seize this opportunity or miss it as always??