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  • Friday ,30 August 2013

Protests must remain peaceful, says pro-Morsi alliance

By Ahram Online

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Friday ,30 August 2013

Protests must remain peaceful, says pro-Morsi alliance
The pro-Morsi Alliance to Support Legitimacy has called for peaceful protests on Friday dubbed "the people take back their revolution."
The Alliance reiterated its condemnation of violence, carrying weapons and attacks on churches, mosques, police stations, and public or private institutions. It also condemned violence against police and army personnel in the Sinai Peninsula.
According to the Alliance more evidence is surfacing to prove the security apparatus and paid thugs are spreading discord and terror to abort the Egyptian revolution.
The Egyptian people want to take back their revolution from the “coup” leaders, who are backed by Mubarak loyalists and the Zionist-American alliance, the Alliance said.
"What Egypt is witnessing is a popular revolution, in every sense of the words, to regain the January 25 Revolution from the claws of the coup," the Alliance said at a press conference.
The Alliance said it is nothing more than an organiser, observer and publicist of peaceful protests.
It called on prosecutors to release all pro-Morsi detainees and to stop arresting and fabricating charges against opponents of the "coup.”

The Alliance said the constitution should not be amended during this period of hatred and division. It condemned the atmosphere of secrecy surrounding the constitutional committee and criticised amendments changing the decades-old presidential system.