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  • Thursday ,29 August 2013

Tamarod wants Syria-bound ships blocked from Suez

By Egypt Independent

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Thursday ,29 August 2013

Tamarod wants Syria-bound ships blocked from Suez
Egypt's Tamarod movement has called on Egyptian authorities to close the Suez Canal, preventing military destroyers that could be used in an impending strike on Syria.
The campaign’s website quoted Tamarod spokesperson Hassan Shahin as saying that Egypt should take a firm stance against the anticipated U.S.military strike against Syria.
"We should shut the Suez Canal before destroyers, machinery or oil vessels pass to strike Syria," Shahin also posted on Facebook. "Supporting the Arab Syrian military is a national duty.”
“We’ll support the Arab Syrian army. No place for traitors. Arab people should revolt after schemes by the Free [Syrian] Army and its supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and extremists to strike the whole Arab world were disclosed,” he added.
Egypt severed diplomatic ties with Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime under deposed President Mohamed Morsy, who was vocal in his support for the uprising against the regime. Both countries summoned their ambassadors as a result.
International media has reported that preparations are underway by Western states to strike Syria within a few days, citing evidence of an alleged chemical weapons attack by Assad's forces in Damascus last week.
Hundreds were killed when shells, appearing to contain poisonous or toxic material, landed on areas of the Syrian capital.