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  • Friday ,23 August 2013

Conspiracy Theory

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,24 August 2013

Conspiracy Theory

There is no doubt that we are now living in a huge conspiracy that is currently led by the United States, and all other Western Countries. They want Egypt to be like Syria, Iraq, and Libya. This has been the project and goal of the States for a long time: converting all countries into one whole big “Middle East.” 

The U.S. wants to break Egypt and its Army. The Egyptian Army is the only Army in the Middle East that remains without being divided. Western countries are let’s say, “afraid” of having any type of defense in the Middle East. The United States defends democracy when it is convenient for them, and refuses democracy when there are no personal interests in the matter. When there are rewards involved in helping other countries achieve democracy it’s welcomed. When democracy is unbeneficial to the U.S. the country is tossed aside like trash. 
A very clear example of this is Pakistan a few years ago. Musharef captured authority in Pakistan and was the leader of the Army. The United States didn’t utter a word, although it was against democracy. To let an Army leader capture authority with no right is severely wrong, but the States at this point didn’t care. Why? Because Musharef wanted to fight Al-Qaeda and Pakistan. That was what the States wanted at this time, so “tuz” (or forget) democracy. 
So why do you think the United States is supporting terrorists in Egypt right now? Do you think this is in the name of democracy?
Let’s take another example. Russia. Putin switched with Medvedev sometimes as President and sometimes as Prime Minister in a non-democratically followed process, and the States never said any word about this. We have never heard the EU talk about democracy or supporting the Muslim Brotherhood until this moment. They were always accusing the Muslim Brotherhood as being terrorists. Even some members of that group were prohibited from entering the U.S because they were considered terrorists. 
So how did the Muslim Brotherhood become a victim? And if they really are victims, why did the U.S kill Bin Laden? They were fighting the U.S because all Muslims around the world were being killed through invasion. The question now is, where is the logic for what the States and the EU are doing? 
There is no logic, so this proves Egypt is facing a big conspiracy. Egypt is ready to face their conspirators. Not just the Army, I mean the whole nation and all categories of Egyptian society. We are insisting to face terrorism and terrorists. We will never give up. I have a message for the West. You are going to face these terrorists one day in the future, and you will not find anyone standing beside you.