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  • Thursday ,22 August 2013

A Letter Addressed to Lady Ashton

By Salah Abou-El-Fadl



Thursday ,22 August 2013

A Letter Addressed to Lady Ashton

To Lady Ashton,

The Egyptian Committee for a Civil State are deeply concerned that Egypt seems to be unfairly treated in political and media circles in the EU. 
Egypt’s situation cannot be blamed on one party. The new government came to being by massive poplar demand. The rise of the Moslem Brothers to power should not be simplistically attributed only to fair elections. Various forces were party to that outcome; The US and some EU governments have had their share of interest and intervention in Egypt. The hope that the democratic process might reflect favourably on the political conduct of Moslem Brothers proved a misconception. Their failure in administering the country coupled with their eagerness to change the fabric of the society proved intolerable to the Egyptian masses. The EU can help solve the crisis if it refrains from intimidating the Egyptian Government and people; since this would be the surest way to intensify Egypt’s position and driving it farther from the west.
The Egyptians are deeply embittered by the attitude of the US and similar vibes coming from EU. The media campaign continues to falsify events on the ground; blaming the Egyptian Army and Police; ignoring the fact that they are fighting an armed movement closely allied to Al Qaeda and Hamas. The EU and the US will not be able for long to sustain the moral dilemma arising from supporting a terrorist organisation against a peaceful nation. Appeasing or employing terrorist organisations has always proved very dangerous to those who thought they can exploit them. Sadat was killed by Islamists after he paved the way for them to return to public activity in the region. America suffered 9/11 in a similar way. The rehabilitation of the Islamists may only start when they lay down their arms and denounce violence. Seeking to release their leaders who have Egyptian’s blood on their hands would be a recipe for disaster. They would misconstrue the gesture and take it as a signal to continue with their insane crusade.