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  • Monday ,19 August 2013

Truth or Lies

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,19 August 2013

Truth or Lies
Take a good look on this people in the picture below; Do you see Egyptians?
Who are those and from where they come?
Who allowed them inside Egypt?
Why any of those guys who obviously are not Egyptians would be upset or asking the return of the ousted Morsy -whom I never acknowledged as president-!
More Conclusions
The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, along with six workers of the Suez Canal Company. Al-Banna was a schoolteacher, to promote implementing of traditional Islamic sharia law and a social renewal based on an Islamic ethos of altruism and civic duty, in opposition to political and social injustice and to British imperial rule. The organisation initially focused on educational and charitable work, but quickly grew to become a major political force as well, by championing the cause of disenfranchised classes, playing a prominent role in the Egyptian nationalist movement, and promoting a conception of Islam that attempted to restore broken links between tradition and modernity. 
Overtime this traditional Religious organization got involved in the social and political life in Egypt had relations with the Nazi then they supported the 25th. July 1952 revolution hoping for a partnership position but as they failed to achieve a leadership position they allay with CI6 against Nasser till 1970 his death!
Briefly talking since ever this organisation has only one principal the love of power at all and any cost! That is Muslim Brotherhood -for brief MB-  was created by CI6 and supported by them so nothing new about the British support who are closely related in interests and targets with the CIA that as well allied with them to overthrow Ex. President Mubarak which they succeeded in it and got compensated with the presidential sit that failed big time to keep it; so no wonder USA supports MB, the surprise is France, Denmark, Germany and other European countries who either lost their sight or common sense! When hired militants like the ones in the picture above kill Egyptians in the Egyptian land and Egyptian authorities are blamed of excess of violence I fail to explain this! When national MB militants kill in cold blood their co-citizens even their own supporters just to create a fake image of violence from authorities towards them and respectful governments without proper investigation judge and condemn, this to me means a plotted conspiracy against my country and any true citizen will never allow such conspiracies!
Egypt is not the land of terror but in war with the terror.
On the 26th. June 2013 people of Egypt come out from everywhere authorising General Abd El Fatah El Sissi to declare the war on terror which was a real and true measure in the absence of parliament and national advisor the minister of defence to whom else can he ask for permission for such a crustal vital measure in the future of a nation other than the people who totally agreed!
To the countries that conspired against Egypt for whatever reason Egypt and it's people reject to host terrorists or be a terrorist land the war is on till victory and the human rights activists who did not see any sectarian few months back when churches were burnt and demolished, who stood blind when villages evacuated form its habitants and enterprisers got burnt just because their owners were Christians upon Morsy era how come now your conscious is so hi? 
Guys I have bad news for you all you did bet on the Wrong Horse! MB signed their political death on 30th. June 2013, and confirmed the death of their organisation on 26th. June then their social suicide when they tried to burn Egypt, Egypt the land God blessed will never get burned but with God's Help and Blessing with burn the terror in it and the humanitarians concerned of the future of MB they are most welcome to HOST THEM IN YOUR OWN LAND BUT NEVER AGAIN IN EGYPT! May God Bless Egypt and True Egyptians!