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  • Friday ,16 August 2013

Senator McCain and Graham, you got the wrong address!

Monir Beshai

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Friday ,16 August 2013

Senator McCain and Graham, you got the wrong address!

Couple of years ago, I was attending a meeting in the U.S. Congress in Washington. I needed to use the bathroom, but I didn't know how to get there. Then, a nice gentleman guided me to the bathroom. I thought I know him, and I really was. He was the famous American Senator Lindsey Graham. 

Later, Senator Lindsey Graham visited Egypt with Senator John McCain. Yet, the man who knows the Congress very well got lost in Egypt. They were performing some kind of investigation about human rights and discrimination victims. However, they went to Rabaa Adawia and Nahda sit-ins seeking those victims. They should have visited the oppressed Copts in Dabaa, Luxor or Beni Ahmed village in Minya. They should have visited the family of Jessica Paul, the Coptic child who was killed by the same Islamists whom they met with. Furthermore, they should have made sure that authorities will investigate her killing  and punish the murderers.
Those who hold sit-in in Rabaa and Nahda are no victims. At the presidential elections, they promised to turn Egypt into pools of blood in case their candidate doesn't win. Throughout elections, they lied, rigged, and paid electoral bribes to achieve their goal. Once they took office, they proved to be big liars who never care for Egypt.
The country suffered even more approaching bankruptcy and starvation under their leadership.  Here, the people had to rebel against them, and about 33 million Egyptians participated in the biggest demonstration in history to overthrow the government of the Mulsim Brotherhood. Then, the Egyptian Armed Forces decided to carry out the order of the people and overthrow this government.
Yet, the Muslim Brotherhood refused this and decided to hold sit-ins in Rabaa Adawia and Nahda Squares. Such sit-ins were far from being peaceful as many people were tortured and killed inside those sit-ins. Women, children as well as religion were used to achieve their goals. Their sit-ins were pain in the neck for the inhabitants of the nearby places.
As the two Congress members were checking the demonstrators in Rabaa Adawia and Nahda Square, the Copts were suffering from brutal attacks against their homes, cars, shops and churches. Yet, police were not intervening. Upon holding investigations, many Copts were arrested instead of the real criminals. Therefore, the Copts had to accept reconciliation in which their rights were lost, and they were turned from victims to criminals. They had to do this to get some peace.
The Copts didn't do like the Muslim Brotherhood and waited for the Egyptian authorities to investigate and help them. Those Copts are willing to sacrifice their souls in order to save Egypt. Yet, the Muslim Brotherhood proved they do not care about Egypt.