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  • Thursday ,15 August 2013

Egypt proved its civil identity

Ashraf Abdel-Kader

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Thursday ,15 August 2013

Egypt proved its civil identity

Throughout history, there has been always a conflict between progress and backwardness. In Egypt, leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood are only seeking backwardness. They want Egypt to live in the Middle Ages when the apostates were killed, the hands of thieves were cut off and adulterous were stoned.

Those racists only show respect to Islam and all followers of all other religions are considered priceless infidels. They hate women, underestimate them, and force them to wear veils. 

They believe that the Copts have second-degree citizenship. Therefore, they are permitted to attack, kill, and rob the Copts.

They hate democracy, development, citizenship, human rights, equality, rights of children, women, and minorities, as those "innovations" were produced by the (infidel) West, and aim to break up the Islamic world and eliminate it. They are even “haram” as they haven't existed during the days of Prophet Mohamed and his Companions.

On the other hand, liberals, civil forces, and secularists are seeking a civil state for all the Egyptians. They dream of a state that does not differentiate between a Muslim, a Copt and a Jew, or even Sunni, Shi'ite and Sufi; a state where freedom of belief is respected; a state with consensual constitution that cares for all citizens. 

What is happening in Egypt now is but a struggle for the identity of Egypt. Is it a military state? Is it a religious state? Or is it a civil state? Egypt was under military rule for 60 years which has only brought dictatorship and autocracy. Then, we suffered under a religious state for a year, which only brought more backwardness. Now, we should try a civil state that respect law, people, and international covenants and conventions. We should try the civil state that was recognized by most countries of the world and have proven successful. 

The Egyptian army has supported millions of Egyptians who demonstrated in June 30 demanding the ouster of president Mohamed Morsy. Now, the majority of Egyptians decided to support a civil state against the religious one in Egypt. Knowing they will never return to power, leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have decided to perform their last dance to get the best that they can and ensure their safe exit. Now, they have lost the Egyptian and Arab public opinion, they have eliminated themselves from power and history as well.