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  • Tuesday ,13 August 2013

Settlement of the Brotherhood

Ezzat Boulos

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Tuesday ,13 August 2013

Settlement of the Brotherhood

Each day, we hear about the achievements of protestors at Rabaa El Adaweya sit-in. They built bathrooms in the streets as well as a theater for entertainment. Furthermore, they built fortifications in order to defend their holy land and prevent “the enemies” from reaching their camps. Those protestors are willing to defend their sit-in and to sacrifice even the minors they kidnapped from orphans’ shelters and women who seek martyrdom  in order to please God as they were told in that sit-ins.

Politically, they hold meetings with European, African and Human Rights delegations and organizations. In such meetings, they have been trying to ensure their safe exit, or rather to return to their lost kingdom. 
They remind me of the foundation of Israel in 1948, which was supported by the West against the Palestinians.
If we make a simple comparison between Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood, we’ll find that they share the same support of the West against the original inhabitants of the land. Both have occupied the land and have been using similar plans to enlarge such lands by all means.
The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to apply the same plan of the Israeli General Sharon who managed to penetrate to the West Bank of the Suez Canal using only 7 tanks giving Israel much better position in the negotiations in 1973.
Here, we can’t forget about Aljazeera TV that has been supporting the fake Islamic project of the Muslim Brotherhood.
In order to develop Egypt, we need to restore the occupied part of Cairo; I mean the sit-ins of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are allowed to live in the streets and plan to steal, or destroy, the revolution of June 30, just as they did with the revolution of January 25. Now, the Egyptians wonder: will they keep making revolutions without achieving something real on the ground? I hope not!