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  • Friday ,09 August 2013

Is There Any Way?

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,09 August 2013

Is There Any Way?

There is no doubt that we now live in big chaos. Islamic groups are burning the churches, killing the innocent people, destroying shops, and swearing to do more and continue to burn all of Egypt just because of Morsi.


Let's think in the following way: suppose that the 3 of July was a coup, does that mean the whole country deserves to be burned? Because of Dr. Morsi and the Chair of Presidency? Does that mean more than 20 churches deserve to be burned and Copts murdered for no reason?


In a previous article of mine last month, I was calling for the containment of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its involvement in the political process. I didn’t imagine at this time that the Muslim Brotherhood could bear weapons against the citizens and against the state itself.


What the Muslim Brotherhood is doing is committing political suicide. I believe that this group will face a total loss not only now, but for a long time. Whatever power this group had will be impossible to return back and face the entire country.


So the question now is: is there any peaceful way to end this chaos? I don't believe that the security route should be the only way taken, there needs to be a political agenda to end this mayhem as well. Here a few starting steps I believe will end what Egypt is facing now:


The first step of this process should be the Muslim Brotherhood admitting that June 30th was indeed a revolution. Second, is to let go of this violence and return back to peaceful demonstrations.  Thirdly, is to start setting up the negotiation table to reach a solution and introduce concessions.


I believe that concessions are vital for the Muslim Brotherhood. I don’t mean that these concessions should mean releasing all members of Muslim Brotherhood from prison, especially if they are there under criminal issues.


I repeat and believe that some sort of political process is a must. And national conciliation is not an act of welfare. We should begin this conciliation process from now. I think the message released by the Grand Sheikh of Azhar lately called for that conciliation. I also believe that Pope Tawadros will be keen in having conciliation among all political parties.