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  • Wednesday ,31 July 2013

Women between the Egyptians and the Muslim Brotherhood

Moomen Sallam

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Wednesday ,31 July 2013

Women between the Egyptians and the Muslim Brotherhood

People in Alexandria fought a fierce battle against the terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood on Friday, 5 July 2013. This battle lasted from 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM, till the Brotherhood were completely defeated and flew the neighborhood of Sidi Gaber. However, this battle showed a big difference between the Egyptians and the Muslim Brotherhood concerning how both deal with women.

The Egyptians never expose women to danger. Yet, Brotherhood members hide behind women and use them. First of all, a veiled woman has hidden a gun under her veil. Later, leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have moved the women in the demonstrations to the front, which was really odd. Yet, we discovered they sacrificed their women in order to cover the men and give them a break to escape! Moreover, the wise men prevented the youth from attacking a veiled woman among the defeated Brotherhood, just for being a woman.
Another clear scene was in Mansoura, when a demonstration of the Muslim Brotherhood reached a stronghold of the thugs. They exchanged fire with the thugs and 3 women were killed. Later, they decided to trade on their blood; however they are responsible for their death.
They Egyptians, since the Pharaohs, have learnt to protect their women and take care of them. Yet, the Brotherhood only sees the women as private parts, slaves, and devils that most of them will be in hell. They are allowed to use them sexually as well as politically. They think that men are more important than women, thus, they can sacrifice them in order to save the men. Furthermore, they know that attacking a woman in the Egyptian culture will incite against the attackers.
Once again, they have proved they don’t belong to the Egyptian culture. Therefore, we have to teach our children about the real Egyptian culture that we may protect them from those fanatics.