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  • Wednesday ,24 July 2013

You can not stop Egypt!

Ezzat Boulos

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Wednesday ,24 July 2013

You can not stop Egypt!

Weeks have passed since the great uprising of June 30 took place, in which the Egyptian people could ger rid of the Muslim Brotherhood who cause a lot of damage to Egypt in just one year in power. Such damage was not even caused by the English occupation for Egypt in 72 years.

Unlike those who belong to totalitarianism, the Englishmen didn't try to change the Egyptian identity, but rather sponsored excavations campaigns that led to the discovery of the tomb of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun. After Champollion had  contributed in the discovery and dismantling of talismans of the ancient Egyptian language, the Muslim Brotherhood came to destroy this great heritage.
In order to reach power, the Muslim Brotherhood faked many stories about being tortured in detention camps. Mubarak didn't realize what those brutal monsters can do after they assassinated Sadat. In fact, Mubarak may have figured out he could use them to convence the American Administration of passing power to his son, against the will of many Egyptians, in order to avoid those fanatics in power. Well, this was clearly a mistake that costed him dearly.
Mubarak didn't listen to many warnings and Intelligence reports that predicted the revolution of January 25, 2011. This revolution was well used by the Muslim Brotherhood who traded on religion to achieve their own interests. Then, the Egyptians decided to give them a chance to govern.
Being in power, the Muslim Brotherhood has done its best to change the Egyptian identity till their mask has fallen. They proved they lied about many things including the Islamic Caliphate and instead they normalized relations with Israel and offered more loyalty for America. Fortunately, they couldn't fool the Egyptians for a long time and their real intentions were revealed before the Egyptian people.
Now, the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Rabaa Adaweya sit-in are hiding among thousands of their supporters who receive money to insure such support. Most of those leaders are wanted by police for their crimes before and after they took offices. Therefore, they use such supporters to negotiate the terms of evacuation. Egypt is on the way to the future, and you can not hinder her. You need to abandon your fanaticism and confess you are but losers.