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  • Tuesday ,23 July 2013

Will they pass or pass away?

Sherif Mansour

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Tuesday ,23 July 2013

Will they pass or pass away?
The huge attack against the Egyptian revolution of June 30 by foreign media has many reasons that has nothing to do with Egypt. In Canada, a CNN report was aired and conveyed the message that the Egyptian people has chosen Mohamed Morsy through fair elections and what happened in June 30 is but a military coup. This is what leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood; Essam el-Erian, Mohamed el-Beltagy, and Essam al-Haddad have tried to say.
Why the American Administration and media are really worried about the revolution of June 30? This was our way to fix our democratic pass without having direct elections. In fact, the Americans had failed to protect the new born theocratic dictatorship in Egypt. They could replace the regimes in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Furthermore, they are trying to do their best to demolish the Syrian regime. However, they finally discovered that they can't overcome the Egyptians whose smartness is unique.
The American Intelligence has supported regimes to protect their interests in the region; however, the strongest one was overthrown in Egypt, and was very close to the same destiny in Libya with the assassination of the American Ambassador. 
With many lies, Hillary Clinton had to leave her job, before she destroys everything in the Middle East. However, the American Ambassador in Egypt, knowing that a revolution is at hand, warned the Egyptians of demonstrating against the elected president. Yet, 33 million Egyptians have demonstrated against Morsy and his gang.
On the tenth day of the holy month of Ramadan, el-Beltagy announced it would be the day they come back in power. I hope they commit their usual mistake and use violence and get some help from their dogs in Hamas in order to reach their destiny and pass away.