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  • Monday ,22 July 2013

Yes What's Next?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,22 July 2013

Yes What's Next?

On 30th. Of June People of Egypt stood up and since no body SAT! 

In fact there where not out there on the 30th. But preparations for that day started way ahead almost 2 months prior to that announced day some young people like this guy in the picture M. Mahmoud Badr and several other young Egyptian people who stood on 25th. January 2011 who lost dear friends or family or just co-citizens of the same beloved country Egypt upon the bloody events to took place more than once in more than a place and Egyptian Blood Was Shed!
These guys stood up requesting “Bread, Freedom, & Social Justice” none was so far achieved and obviously stood up once again but history and time never goes back! If it was a story I write or an invention I create with a specific target and found out after a while my target is not achieved I can just tear up the story and start re-write the story from scratch avoiding the mistakes and errors that took place in my first story, if it was an invention and can make modifications to adjust the output or worst case scenario just put in the bin my faulty creation and start from scratch, but here time does not go back I can not go to back in time! 
Mahmoud Badr and his co-leagues who most likely were there on 25/01/2011 somewhere in Egypt could had met or come out from different places in Egypt and met in Tahrir Square or what so ever, stood in dismay watching their revolution being stolen and others riding it and claiming they did this revolution while in fact they were planing how to get the whole cake not just a piece of it! Those guys once again rejected the outcome of their revoltion and did not stand up in despair like most of us did, but in an amazing stand back after almost 2 years took back their revolution they took is peacefully by all means regardless of the re-action of other parties and people who could not accept they lost a chair fought for it  80 years and the dream of their lifetime is about to collapse for ever, normally they fought back all types of fight and blood was shed following the peaceful stand up of Egyptians requesting “Bread, Freedom, & Social Justice” 
Bread, Freedom & Social Justice
Let us analyse now how can we achieve those targets or explain that:-
1. Bread means economy, or work for a fair pay that can provide basic nutriment requirements!
2. Freedom means to be free to agree with your point of view or keep my own view without being threatened to loose my job or someone dear to me or my life!
3. Social Justice means that all Egyptians should have SAME RIGHTS no privileges due to parties, religion or ethnicity this is the wide understanding or Social Justice!
On this issue I do understand from where the guys calling for national peace and reform where all Egyptians become just Egyptians not Muslim Brotherhood and non MB not Christians, Muslims, Radicals, Salafies, Ikhwan, Jews, Atheists, Socialists, Capitalists you name it!
But some people being trapped in the events, scared from future prosecution for already committed crimes  or having no other alternatives, or just pure rejection for any change would not listen to this call of peace and love for all Egyptians, and remain trapped in their own traps, for those people to keep going to a better future for them and all of us I take to liberty for a new call of love I'm sure lots of TRUE EGYPTIANS would respond to it!
True Egyptians who just love Egypt must learn how love works! It is not enough to say I love you but show me your love, come over look for my needs, provide me with love you must recollect back true love! Love is not just words but actions, do not be like ousted President who promised actions he never did, but ACT  1st then call for love & peace show me your love first then if you do not get back love give more love until you get back love just keep in your mind one single thing that is this you do not love Ahmed or Ali and Marcos you just LOVE Egypt your mother that gave, gives and will keep giving to all Egyptians LOVE!
What is next step or How to Love Egypt?
If you really understood my call for love you should be wondering who to Love Egypt the way I call for it but this call is not for specific way of love it is just a love, that is if you on your way to work or home after work you meet a poor guy and you take a pound you had it to ride back home to give it to this poor guy to have lunch and walk back home this is just pure love but not enough, because tomorrow he will be hungry again and if you decided to become his food provider on the long run both of you will be sooner or letter poor guys need help! However a way better way of love would be to find him a job, find out out he can not get a job, discover 100 plus one new ways of love by helping people in need of education, health care, and many more human  daily needs you alone can not cover but a group of people of volunteers can certainly better do for a better tomorrow not only for them but for Egypt! This is the way for a better Egypt, better tomorrow a call of love and remember to be loved you need to love and SHOW YOU LOVE and never expect back love cause love is priceless, you can not expect love back by quantity or measure, the love you gave to A will be back as love to B from A and B will love back C and LOVE SPREADS this is the way to love Egypt that gave you all its love since ever! Learn to be like Egypt that gives you same air regardless of you a Socialist or Economist, Radical or Democrat you drink same water you do not get a better quality of air because you are religious or atheist!
For a better tomorrow, a better future a better life just keep going and keep loving and rest assure Love is way more powerful that any other thing in this world may God helps us all to better love Egypt so that He keeps blessing this land of Love!