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  • Thursday ,18 July 2013

Organization or ideology of the Brotherhood

Moomen Sallam

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Thursday ,18 July 2013

Organization or ideology of the Brotherhood
There are different kinds of the Muslim Brotherhood, and some of them are counted though have already left the group. Many of those who claim to abandon the Brotherhood, they belong to it and support its ideology more than its official members. 
This may be a shocking fact to many people to know that Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi who is a big fan of the Muslim Brotherhood and its founder, Hassan al-Banna, has already left the Brotherhood in the early nineties. However, he can only be counted as one of its outstanding leaders.
I tell you this as we notice the phenomenon of many members leaving the Brotherhood is coming out. Here, we should differentiate between those who abandoned the group, yet stuck to its ideology, and those who completely abandoned its extreme ideology. The first kind should be ready to return to it with some administrative reforms. This kind will always belong to the Muslim Brotherhood and is able to deceive many people. Therefore, it is very dangerous.
The Egyptians at this significant moment should take heed. It's easy to find out about those secret Muslim Brotherhood members whom we may call sleeper agents. They hate the current leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood that damaged its reputation. Yet, they praise Hassan al-Banna and counterfeit the history of the Brotherhood claiming they struggled against the foreign occupation.
Those agents are more dangerous than the actual members of the Brotherhood whose real faces were exposed upon being in power. If you need a proof that they are really dangerous, take the Tunisian Rashed Ghannouchi as an example. He claimed to hate the Muslim Brotherhood, but proved to support them at the end. He used to be moderate Muslim, but changed upon being in power to act like a tyrant and attended the meeting of the global organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in Istanbul in order to study how to respond to the Egyptian revolution of June 30.
In this meeting, they decided to try to bring about division in the Egyptian army, carry out terrorist operations against the army, and work on isolating it internationally!
O Egyptian nation, don't be deceived by everybody who claim to abandon the Muslim Brotherhood. Listen to him or her, and decide whether they criticize the extremism of the group and its founder, Hassan al-Banna, or just criticize some of their administrative work.